Knitting Epiphanies

I’ve had a knitting epiphany.  I have always been the kind of knitter that follows a pattern exactly as written and never strays from it for design purposes.   Frankly, I think I had/have little to no confidence in my ability to step away from the pattern and try to use what I’ve learned over the years.

That stops now, though.  I was looking for a sock pattern that caught my eye for a particular yarn (Acid and Weed sock) and in the process started looking at the different sock books I have.  Many of which I haven’t looked at since I first bought them, long before I was even ready to knit socks. So I’m reading through the different books and their advice, instruction and explanations for parts of sock knitting and it was like it finally hit me.  I actually UNDERSTOOD parts of the construction and can see a
ETA: I obviously sent before I meant to. The main point though, is that I’m going to spend a lot less time mindlessly saying “ooh…pretty…” and more learning the reason that knitting works like it does. I don’t know that I’ll ever design anything fabulous, or anything at all, but I will understand how design works.

Inspire me


While working on WendyKnits MKAL my eyes have been drawn to this yarn over and over again. I finally had to look it up on Ravelry. When knit into a plain vanilla sock pattern it seems to have an almost zebra – print like appearance. 
I’d love any inspiration from all of you. What sock pattern, or other pattern, will do this beautiful yarn justice?

Throw Me a Line

A lifeline, that is.  I’ve known about, and used lifelines on and off through my knitting life.  I know how useful they can be and that they can save a project (especially a lace one) but they have always seemed like such a pain in the rear to me, especially on projects that have a ton of stitches.  So I’ve been generally lazy about them and then I make a mistake with a lace row/round and b/c the only lifeline is WAY down at the bottom of the project, I end up tearing the whole thing out and starting over, frogging the whole thing or putting it aside until I “figure out how to fix it” even though I know I never will.

So with this MKAL I’ve been working on, I’m using a lifeline faithfully at the end of every repeat.  Of course I’ve missed a few times, but it’s been okay.  I’ve discovered, though, that even in a fairly simple pattern like this, if you are going to do ANYTHING else while working it, lifelines are not only recommended, but IMO they are necessary.  I’ve had to rip back to my last lifeline at least 4 times during the course of the project. I have never been so grateful as I was the last time.  If I had been my usual lifeline skipping self I fear this shawl would have been gone a LONG time ago.  LOL  I would much rather take the few minutes extra to add a lifeline rather than having to rip out entire sections of this.

It was supposed to be a really quick knit, but it ended up being a summer through fall project.  Hell, it takes me 2 months to make a pair of socks.  I tend to have knitting ADD and I want to work on a million things at once, but then nothing at all gets finished.  So now I’m working on MKAL only until I finish it.  Fingers crossed. My deadline is Novermber 10th and I’m hoping to be able to crank out at least the 2nd sock to the pair I started for Brad almost 2 years ago.  Sadly, it’s sport weight, plain vanilla and only a cuff sock.  I actually finished the pair earlier this year, but the 2nd one came out very different from the first and I am trying very hard to motivate enough to knit it….again.

WendyKnits MKAL…yes, STILL!

I am a profoundly slow knitter. Actually I don’t think I’m slow so much as I don’t put enough time in.  I try to get in at least 2 hours a day of “needle time” in before bed, but I want to put more time into it.  Knitting is one of the few things in life that I’m passionate about; I’m passionate about fiber arts in general; and I want to accomplish more.  I have more yarn and fiber than I will ever be able to use but still I want, nay need, more. Lmao.
I’m still working on the MKAL.  It’s an exclusive project. The first one I’ve ever worked on without an extra project to break up the monotony.  I’m at the beginning of clue #3. Another week or so and it will be donw.


I wasn’t sure about the colorway but I have come to really like it. It will be hard to see it go, but it’s a Christmas gift. After this I’m going to finish Brooke ‘ s scarf (because it’s so close to being done I could scream), and then move on to other small gifts to knit.


I particularly like the lace pattern on the edge.
Next time….NOT AGAIN…or how lifelines saved my sanity this summer/fall.

Wendy Knits MA 2014

It’s late, so just a quick knitting update.  I’m out of my funk to some degree.  I’m trying to stay that way by immersing myself in the squishyness of some gorgeous blues/purples Melody yarn. I’m making the Wendy Knits mystery shawl with it.


A small preview of….well…a tiny bit of shawl and a pretty good picture of the yarn colors. I love the camera on this new Galaxy S5!  I’m in love with the colors of this yarn, but I wish that it was more squishy and cozy. I think if I like the way this Knits I’m going to dive into my stash of colors of Alpaca Silk DK and make one full of squishy softness.

Drama, Drama, Drama

WARNING: This post contains personal life stuff as well as knitting. If you don’t want to read my drama skip to the third paragraph…

I have been woefully lacking in my attempt to post at least three times a week.   It’s been a hell of a month…I have hardly even held needles since my last Turn a Square Hat post. More on that in a bit…  So here’s a, quick overview of the situation that got us to where we are today.  My husband and I separated 2 1/2 years ago and during that time an old friend became A LOT more. Long story short we fell madly in love extremely quickly.  We have been inseparable ever since. The only thing that changed was the fact that both of us were heavily on the rebound when we got together and it all kind of fell apart after six months. He dumped me over the phone…while I was in the HOSPITAL!  We stayed close and we are now best friends and roommates. The thing is, until a month ago we lived our lives like nothing had changed. We had no title but it was exactly the same as it was when we were together. We slept in the same bed, had sex, are still raising his son and my boys together, visit our (I adopted them all in my heart and they repay ed the favor in kind) family together. I’m Aunt Shannon to his niece and nephew. We still hug and I kiss him on the cheek or shoulder before bed, then say I love you to each other. It was a twisted relationship for sure,  but it worked. Then he met a random Internet girl and it’s all chaos. I’m a jealous wreck even though I really have no right to be.  It feels like he just broke up with me again. And bc he doesn’t have a car he wants to use mine to go spend the night with her. It’s kind of like an ice pick in my heart but I give in occasionally bc I want him to be happy. I’m making an effort to get to know her;  I’m hoping it will make things easier for me. I can’t even imagine seeing them together,  though. If they cuddle or make out or hold hands in front of me I might burst into tears.  Such a, messed, up situation. He’s mad at me bc I’m not jumping up and down with joy about this and I have no clue how to fake that kind of enthusiasm. I’m at the point where I’m just praying for the strength to make it through this. The weird thing is that I don’t think it’s about him not being with me, it’s more about being terrified about the changes to our friendship that will inevitably occur in our friendship.  I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve never known a woman who was comfortable with her new boyfriend living with his female best friend who also happens to be his ex who he still slept with until just before they met. She seems pretty cool so far though.  We’ve messaged back and forth on Facebook today.  Enough whining for today…I think that this blog maybe a vehicle for trying to sort out the emotional baggage that I have…my romantic life is a shambles, I’m terrified of the divorce, and I worry I’m about to lose my best friend…I’m a mess.

Boy it felt GOOD to get that out.  I welcome thoughts, advice,  opinions etc. Onto knitting:  As I said,  I have done very little on the needles. Turn a Square Hat has been allocated to the frog pile. I love the, pattern and intend to try again, but my join at the beginning of the round looked bad. I could have lived with that and called it unique but when it came time for smaller needles stitches got dropped and ran a lot. It was purely a, disaster.
I did do a little work on my Clapotis. I love the green-blue colorway – called 7th Heaven – and the softness and shine of the bamboo.
I have been spinning though. I’ve been doing a little practice plying on the wheel. I still don’t ever think I’ll get it right…but I’ll keep trying. I was trying to chain ply my Kareoke singles in the Playful colorway to maintain the color changes. Not such a great result.


I spun the singles really thin (seems that’s all I can do now that I mastered it) and during the plying there was a lot of singles snapping and splitting in half. I’ll keep at it though.   Finally I’m spindle spinning a merino/tencel combo 80/20 I believe.  The colorway is called Little Bunny Foo Foo. It’s a blend of yellow then green then lt. Purple and finished off with pink. I tore it into strips to maintain color patterns. I’m finished with 2 of them and the third is, on the spindle already.


I can’t decide how to ply it, but the singles are fine and thin. I’m thinking either straight 3 ply or chain plying. Again, thoughts are always appreciated.
One more opinion type thing if you are so inclined. I need to shake things up a bit. My hair needs a drastic change for divorce time. Thoughts???


Here it is now…ugh. definitely Need something new. Thanks again, if you made it this far…