Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning

I’m home alone again. TJ and Jake are up north for the “weekend” (which is denoted by the days TJ has off work – Tues-Thurs – rather than the traditional weekend) and I’m at home with a cold and a ton of housework. I didn’t feel right leaving for a party and a mini-vacation while my house was in disarray. My how I’ve changed. I should be a lot farther ahead than I am, but I wasn’t feeling well yesterday and I was lazy. I got the maintenance stuff done, but I didn’t make a dent in the stuff that I need to get done in addition to that. I’ve been going through the stuff that we packed from the trailer and brought to the new house that’s been sitting in our garage for the last 4 months. I got through all the clothes last week, sorted them into fits and doesn’t fit, like and don’t like etc. as well as sorting all of the clothes that don’t fit Jacob anymore. They need to be washed and put away so that they’ll be ready for baby number 2, whenever that is – soon, I hope. Those clothes are all down the basement, sorted into piles and ready to go, I just haven’t washed it yet. That’s my goal for tonight. I also want to clean the kitchen and get the living room in tip top shape. I’ve lived in a house that’s a pig sty for so long, that this is like a revelation for me and I’m almost rabid about keeping it this way. I feel like if I slack for even one day it will all go to hell again and I’ll never get it clean again. It’s my current biggest fear, silly isn’t it?

I feel like it’s a whole new life and I’m trying to find a balance to it all. I don’t know how to reconcile the cleaning, child care and personal care and time with each other. Welcome to the real world, Shannon. I’ve lived in my own little world for far too long and now I’m trying to make the transition to a “normal” person and it’s definitely a challenge. I have so many things that I have to do and then things that I need to do and it’s hard to find a way to blend the two. I’m sure that I’ll figure it out in time, but right now I’m kind of struggling.

I’ve got the knitting that I have to get done: my scarf swap, which is so close to being done and my Christmas gifts that are also coming along. Those are the only things that I’m allowing myself to work on right now even though there are so many cute things that I really want to tackle. After Christmas, though, it’s on. I’ll allow my “startitis” to take over and I’ll allow myself to become overwhelmed with UFO’s. LOL Until then, I’ll be lost in my three big projects. I’m hoping to have the scarf swap scarf done in the next few weeks…less if possible. And then it’s all X-mas. The Garden Path shawl is proving to be a bigger challenge than I anticipated; I’ve had to tear it back to almost the beginning at least twice and last night I had to go back about 15 rows. I’m not giving up, though. I will persevere. I’ve put too much time and energy into this thing to give up now. I know I can do it. It’s generally just stupid mistakes that cause the problems; I work when I’m too tired to concentrate properly or I’m distracted while I knit and I don’t notice the mistake until rows later. I’m going to be more diligent about it from now on!! 🙂

I’m off now to put in laundry and read some blogs before getting out the knitting for the night. I think tonight will be a work on scarf until it’s done or I can’t see straight kind of night. Are you reading, Melinda? I’m still working on it. I haven’t forgotten or blown it off. Don’t lose faith in me…LOL 🙂

Later, y’all.


Sick, clean and being a good mommy

I feel like shit today. Not a good way to feel. I have a sore throat, a toothache from hell that I’m going to have to break down and call a dentist about (not good; not good at all) and I just all around feel icky. There’s an interesting word…icky. It’s actually quite ugly looking, but enough about stupid words that look ugly…LOL.

There’s not a whole lot to say. I’ve been keeping up with the housework which is a big plus for me. I think that it’s going to stick this time; fingers crossed that I’m not jinxing myself right back into the depths of I don’t care depression. I find that I really like living in an organized house and that the “organized mess” I claimed to love wasn’t organized at all, it was just a mess that I was too lazy to deal with. I’m a little bummed that I’ve only maintained, though. I was really hoping that I’d keep going totally gung ho and get all the laundry in the basement done; I finally got out to the garage and unpacked all the bags of clothes that came from the trailer, and let me tell you they were nasty!! I keep reminding myself, though, that when I did all that extra work, I was home alone for 2 1/2 days and I could work on this house all day and all night with no interruptions. Now I have Jake and he’s not an interruption, per se, but he does need a lot of attention and I’m not going to blow him off to get extra laundry done. I think it’s actually pretty good that I managed to maintain the level of cleanliness I achieved last weekend and I’m thinking that if I can keep that up and gradually work towards getting more done in a day, I’m golden.

We’ve made serious progress in the Jake sleeping by himself ordeal. This whole week he’s finally slept in his own bed. The first night was hell, but after that not so bad. Either TJ or myself has to stay in his room with him for a little while after we first put him down and if he wakes up he needs to be tucked back in, but the number of times he’s waking up and the duration of “up time” has decreased. He’s still climbing into our bed around 5 or 6 and we’re letting him b/c with him getting up around 7:30 it’s not worth the hassle of trying to get him back to bed and then trying to get back to sleep. That, too, will go eventually. I’m thinking we can start working on that after he gets his tonsils out.

The Garden Path Shawl is finally coming along nicely. I’m now (finally) past the point where I had to do the big rip out before and I’m up to the 40″ cable on my circular needles. Have I mentioned how much I adore the Knit Pick’s Options needles? I’m also thinking about getting the newest addition to the Options family, the Harmony wooden interchangeable needle set. When I first heard about the new needles, I was a little bit bummed out that they came out so soon after I got my nickel plated original set, but now I’m really glad they did. If they had come out first, I would have bought them and I never would have known how much I love the slippery, cool feeling of the nickel plated set. I would have really missed out.

Time to go now. Jake and TJ will be back from the store soon and that means bath and bedtime for Jake is imminent and that’s my department.

Night, y’all.