Will I ever be better? Enquiring minds want to know…I want to know…

Does anyone remember that old commercial for The National Enquirer…you get points for being both old (LOL) and for being a font of useless information and trivia if you do.  No copyright infringement meant by blatantly stealing the quote for my blog title.  Don’t sue me, cause I ain’t got nothing worth taking…LOL

So here we are, almost a month after the hospital debacle of ’08 and I’m still not well.  I kept saying that I wasn’t better, that my back (kidneys) still hurt and that I still felt like I had a bladder infection, but the doctor assured me that it was my imagination or that I was just healing a little more slowly than most people.  “The urine test came back clean.  We didn’t see any bacteria in it,” he assured me over and over again.  Just a few problems with that ladies and gentleman of my readership (which is small indeed, just look at my blog stats if you don’t believe me.  The numbers, those sad, pathetic little numbers, don’t lie):  first of all, and most importantly I feel the need to stress, I STILL HAVE ALL THE SYMPTOMS AND ASSOCIATED PAIN WITH A BLADDER AND/OR KIDNEY INFECTION!  Secondly after doing extensive reading on the subject of these infections, it is possible I’ve read to drink so much fluid before a urine test that you essentially flush the bacteria out of your system, or so it will look to the test.  In reality, they are still there, they are merely regrouping from the flushing and drowning they’ve just had.  Had they bothered to test my urine EVEN ONE MORE TIME after they admitted me they would have found those little buggers and treated me accordingly.  Not that I’m angry and bitter or anything.  So now, like I said, it’s almost a month later and I’m still in horrible shape.  I’m in more pain than I was in when they admitted me.  Thank God for Percocet or I don’t think I’d be making it through this.  I’m taking a lot more than I should be, but it’s the only way to alleviate the pain.  For God’s sake when I was in the ER they had to give me 6 mg of Dilaudid before I felt any relief at all.  Hello, I’m completely tolerant to pain meds at this point.  The only blessing through all of this has been that the one symptom I haven’t had is the frequency.  Stupid name, by the way.  They should call it intense burning pain accompanied by a fullness that you feel you have to constantly expel even though there is nothing there to expel.  Well, now I have that as well.  So my current dilemma is do I go to the ER and deal with this on a Saturday evening when every moron person in the world is sick and/or hurt or do I buy the OTC pills to help with the symptoms and wait until Monday to go to the doctor.  I think I’ll wait until Monday at this point because if they do (by some miracle) actually find the kidney infection that I’ve been trying to tell them I have for a month now, I’m not going through the whole oral antibiotics at home routine again.  I did that last time and it didn’t work!  Nope, I’m going to insist, demand, beg pathetically, ask very nicely if they will please admit me and do this with the strongest IV antibiotics they have.  I want this infection knocked out of me yesterday!

As if this whole kidney/bladder thing wasn’t enough to make me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry violently, I’ve had horrible cluster headaches or migraines (not sure which) these last two days.  Both of them lasted about 4 hours or so for the main pain with the effects lingering for the rest of the night.  It felt like the left side of my head was trying to detach itself from the right side and start its own new head.  Seriously, my eye was throbbing, my jaw bone was throbbing, light and sound were excruciating.  It hasn’t been fun.  I don’t know if it’s possible for a kidney infection to cause that, but I’m sure gonna find out.

On the knitting/spinning front, not much going on, I must admit.  My life, if you call sleeping, peeing and crying a life, has just not been overly conducive to it lately, I’m afraid.  I’ve started a pair of what are called Thigh High socks from Lion Brand’s free patterns, but are really a pair of leg warmers that cover the tops of your feet and have slits for the heels.  They are really cute looking and I’ve been promising Kate a pair of leg warmers forever.  It’s my first foray into solo color work.  Very basic striping using Fibonacci numbers and 4 colors of Rowan Calmer (I love this yarn so much) that I’ve had in my stash forever and a day.  I’ve put the Tidal Wave scarf aside until I finish Storm Water, which is coming along nicely.  I’ve also put aside my camel down mitts until I finish Storm Water.  It was part of a deal I made with myself when I started the mitts flouting the no new projects until I finish the scarves for X-mas rule.  I decreed to myself that I would allow myself to work on one mitt per scarf.  Since mitt one is done, but scarf one is not, there will be no starting mitt two until aforementioned scarf is completed.  It’s a good thing I took really good pattern notes when I did the first mitt, huh?  LOL  Yeah, like I took pattern notes, good or otherwise.  My idea of pattern notes is counting the number of rows in each section so I can copy it for the next mitt…on a napkin that I most likely used to wipe my mouth…LOL  Seriously, I have some very basic notes to follow from when I get to mitt number one.  Would I really allow my precious handspun to be wasted that way?  Not on your life.

Getting ready to get my first swap package together to go out.  I’m still waiting for a few things I ordered to arrive, but I think that my “swapee” is going to enjoy her package.  I’ve gone with a lot of the things that she said she liked in her questionnaire.  I planned to be much more sneaky and stalky and to find out secret things about her and really spoil her good, but this whole illness has kind of put a damper on that.  Still, I plan to spoil her the best way I can from this position.  I really hope she like me the package.

Have a great weekend everyone.  Have some fun for me since I’ll either be in the hospital if I can’t take this anymore or at the very least in this bed, wishing I was able to enjoy some of this Indian summer we’re having. ARGH!!!


Home but still not well

I keep meaning to post more often, but this kidney infection thing is kicking my ass.  They sent me home from the hospital late last week and told me that with some rest I should be feeling better pretty quickly.  Here I am, still sick, still with symptoms and still feeling like total shit!!!  I have to go back to the doctor tomorrow and am anticipating another hospitalization…no fun!!!

On to happier things.  I’m getting ready to put together a package for my first swap.  I hope my swapee likes it.  It’s not going to be as extravagant as I had first planned b/c of this illness, but I figure I can save the really extravagant package for the final one.

I finished knitting the first of the fingerless mitts that I’m making from the yarn I spun from the camel/merino fiber I got at the Michigan fiber festival.  I love, love, love camel fiber is what I’ve discovered from this.  It’s so soft and so amazing to work with.  The yarn, I’m afraid, still leaves a little something to be desired, but I made it myself and that gives me a great sense of accomplishment.  I smile everytime I look at the glove and I imagine I’ll have a similar reaction whenever I wear them.  In just the short time I’ve put on that single glove, to figure length etc., I realized that this is a VERY warm fiber.  Would be great for a hat/scarf set or even for a sweater (Perhaps Evangeline from White Lies Designs – although that would be awfully expensive to do in a camel blend…LOL)

Evangeline is my dream sweater, btw.  I keep looking at it and telling myself I’m going to buy it, but I never do.  It’s definitely more difficult than anything I’ve attempted (I have yet to make a garment for myself or anyone else for that matter) but I love it anyway.

On the projects I want to start front:  I just discoverd that Knit Picks has a Sheldon the Turtle kit with his different career costumes here.  How cute is that?!?!  I’ve never really been struck with the urge to knit toys at all, but this one speaks to me.  You can’t beat the price, either.

On the swap front:  I’ve got a great swapper (the person who is sending to me) so far.  She’s been great about contacting me and we seem to have quite a bit in common.  I’m really enjoying the communication!!  Thanks swapper o’ mine!!  For my swappee I have some things planned.  I was planning for her first package to be big and extravagant, but with all the illness stuff I have going on, that will have to wait for the final package.  I really want to do a good job and spoil my spoilee the way I would want to be spoiled.  This being my first swap, I really want to make a good impression.

My Christmas knitting for my MIL and my FIL’s girlfriend Fran are coming along nicely.  Last year I started gifts for both of them, but didn’t finish.  ARGH!!!  So this year I picked something smaller (Tidal Streams for MIL in Silk Twist in the colorway Peridot and Storm Water for Fran in Sea Silk in the Dandelion colorway)  I’ve really come to love the Handmaiden line of yarns.  My dream yarn currently is the Camelspun that they offer.  I’m just obsessed with Camel yarns right now.  I really wish I had bought a pound of the camel/merino fiber at the festival instead of just the 4 oz. that I bought.

I’ve spent so much time on Ravelry lately drooling over patterns and yarns that I want and it’s almost like punishment b/c I’ve made a pact with myself to work on nothing but these scarves until they are done.  No debacle like last year, thank you very much.  The camel/merino mitts were different; I had to try out the yarn after I spun and set it.  LOL  I will post pictures of the yarn and the mitts when I’m feeling better and can do all the camera stuff.

Have I mentioned that spending the majority of one’s time in bed doing nothing but watching TV, knitting and playing on the computer is not nearly as much fun as it might seem?  When I’m well and doing stuff around here, I long for time to do nothing, but now that I’m pretty much bedbound for at least 3/4 of the day, all I can think about is how much I have to do around here.  The other day I was feeling a little better and I did some cleaning and reorganizing of the bedroom and the craft room and I woke up the next morning feeling worse than I had in weeks.  The doctor chastized me and said that rest does not mean major organizing projects.  Who knew…

We’ve sent in the app. for the apartment we’re hoping to move to.  It’s a three bedrom with a private entrance, two full baths (one in the master bedroom, yay) and a washer and dryer (full sized – what will I do with my washer and dryer though?) in the unit.  There is also a great balcony (bigger than any I’ve ever seen in an apartment) that we will be able to put some outdoor furniture on for BBQ’s etc.  It’s really well laid out and spacious and I can see us living there for the next 4 or 5 years.  That’s important to me b/c I told TJ that if we decided to get an apartment instead of looking for the first house available that we could afford, I wanted to commit to at least 3 years but would be happier with 4 or 5.  I hate moving and there has already been so much upheaval in Jake’s 4 years that I don’t want to put him through another move until he’s older.

Okay, I guess that’s it for now.  I have to get back into bed…ugh…I hate being sick!!!!

Hospital Woes

This will just be a real quick blog post.  I had a whole long post about swaps, spinning and X-mas presents planned, but I’m just not up for it.  I’ve been battling a bladder/kidney infection for the last few weeks and yesterday things came to a head.  I ended up in the ER for 12 hours and after a lot of waiting and a lot of horrible tests (when they tell you the contrast solution for the CAT scan is called Berry Smoothie, don’t believe them!!  It’s really called chalky shitty tasting yuck…I threw up as much of it as I got down, if not more).  they decided to admit me.  I’m in a lovely private room and the room service meals almost make up for being stuck here in this room.  I’m at Bronson in room N3853 if anyone wants to come visit or call, but I don’t know how long I’ll be here.  I’m hoping to go home tomorrow or the next day, we’ll see what they have to say, though.  I’ll add more info. as I get it. 🙂