Still in California and a Spinning Wheel Question

I hate wordpress!!! That about says it all. In the last two days I’ve written two lengthy posts about this trip and about the spinning wheel that I’m going to be getting when I get home from CA (will I ever get home seems to be the question at hand). So I had these two posts written, I published them both and…and…well, nothing. Neither of them are here nor are they saved as drafts, nothing. They just don’t exist. ARGH!! I’ve never had this happen to me before. It quite sucks ass!! On with life, though; an abbreviated recap of them…

What started out as a three week trip has turned into an epic journey. I was supposed to go home at the end of Feb. but my mother is coming back to MI with us and b/c of doctor’s appointments she wasn’t going to be able to do that until at least the middle of March. Then her birthday (March 24th) came up and it was suggested that we stay until after that so everyone could celebrate with her and Jake and myself. Next we moved onto my aunt Marion’s birthday which is only about a week and a half after my mother’s and my mother is very close to Aunt Marion as am I etc. so now we’re at April 16th for a fly home date. I’m booking the tickets this week and they will be non-refundable. LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I’m having a WONDERFUL time out here. This is one of the best vacations/visits I have ever been on. My mother and I are getting along better than we ever have in my adult life, I’ve renewed a friendship with my cousin Krista that’s deepened and become very important to me – she’s one of my closest friends now and leaving her to come home will be difficult at best. Jake has gotten the opportunity to play with his cousins Brandon, Logan and Olivia and he’s taken to all of them. Olivia is his special one, though. He adores her like a puppy adores it’s new master. Too cute!! He’s got a little Brandon worship going and I think he relates to Logan the best – Logan is the only one who will play chase with him and there is nothing Jake likes more than a good game of chase. Spending time with Diane and Melissa has, as always, been a blast. You can’t be around Diane and not laugh and Melissa and I have been close since we were kids. I’ve always loved spending time with her and that hasn’t changed at all. I do wish she weren’t so busy with all things kids, as all mothers are, and we could have some one on one time, but I understand how it is with kids in your life; hers have the added bonus of acting auditions on a regular basis. Yes, my little cousins are going to be big, famous stars one day and I’ll be able to say I knew them when…they were in diapers…LOL I never really thought much about family and how important it can be, but now that I have Jake and especially after spending all this time as an adult with them all, I see how much it means and that it would be unfair of me to keep Jake away from this crazy, loud, obnoxious, wonderful, loving and oh so fun family that he’s now a part of. If any of you are reading this, I love you with all my heart and am so glad I was blessed to be brought into this family!!

Now onto the important stuff: my spinning wheel!!! When I get home TJ and I are off to the Knitter’s Nest in Howell to pick out, and hopefully pick up, my new spinning wheel. I couldn’t be more excited!! This is where all of you experienced spinners come into play. Right now I have myself settled on one of two wheels: The Louet Victoria or the Ashford Joy. The Victoria I have actually had the chance to spin on briefly and it was a dream, even for someone who had no clue what she was doing. I’m pretty sure it had less to do with the wheel itself than with the fact that I was actually using a wheel for the first time, but that is a pretty powerful thing. It will always be a special wheel in my head b/c of that. My friend Shannon Too has one and I’m pretty sure she’s happy with it – she certainly spins gorgeous yarn on it. The Ashford Joy, OTOH, I’ve never spun with or even seen in real life. It’s got a good reputation though, and I’ve heard good things about it. So there I am. At this point I’m looking for a smaller wheel, most likely a portable one. I want to get the “fairy tale” wheel one day (which will be a whole other deciding frenzy) but right now we’re in the middle of houses (the owner of our rental home has decided to allow the house to go into foreclosure so we’re screwed. At least we get 6 months or so of rent free living there while we look, but we have to move, ugh!) and I don’t want the big wheel until I know we’re in our “forever house”. So I want a traveller, something that’s good for a beginner, but also that will grow with me as I learn. I tend to spin fairly fine, but that may be mostly b/c of my light weight spindle. I want to be able to spin a variety of weights. I tend to love things with “bells and whistles” but in this case I think something a little more simple is in order. So I would love some advice. The Victoria or the Joy? Or another wheel altogether. As much input as possible would be appreciated here. I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say.


Sunny California Pt. 2

I’ve been here in sunny, happy Seal Beach for three weeks tomorrow and I’m having a great time!  I miss TJ like crazy, but if it wasn’t for that, this would be a perfect trip and I’d be happy to stay here forever.

Right now I’m sitting in a recliner with the laptop on my lap and the big screen TV in front of me.  It’s 80 degrees and sunny and absolutely gorgeous.  I’m sitting here instead of playing outside with Little Man b/c my feet and ankles have been really badly swollen for the last three or four days.  I’ve been trying to ignore it and just go on, but they have been getting worse and worse and today it hurts to even walk.  Not sure what the cause is:  blood pressure (but I don’t have the headaches that have typically gone with my b.p. problems in the past), sodium issues (but I haven’t been eating or drinking anything different from back home), and my favorite, pregnancy.  That would be a real blast.  I’ve had other “symptoms” of impending mommy-hood as well:  heartburn, changes in the way the areola look as well as my nipples (they’re darker and they’re bigger around, my fatigue has been crazy (I’m always crazy, but it comes and goes whenever it feels like it).  I know the odds are so small that I’m pregnant, and I also know that I always think that I’m pregnant as soon as there is one little symptom that “might” mean pregnancy, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up here.  It would be wonderful, though, and a great birthday gift to my mother to have another baby.  I guess we’ll see in a few weeks; it’s too soon to do a test – still a few weeks to go until I’d be around 6 weeks, so I’ll just keep waiting and hoping.  🙂  Keep your fingers crossed for me.

As I’m sitting here I’m watching my mom and Little Man playing outside.  They’re blowing bubbles together and it’s the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever seen.  He’s really taken to her and she’s so in love with him.  Just watching them together makes my heart swell with pride and joy.  It’s like she’s 20 years younger when she’s with him.  I can’t remember the last time I saw her happy like this and I love it!!!

****ETA****Didn’t finish writing until now; I was called outside by Little Man to participate in the bubble blowing and leaf finding and said to hell with my legs and went for it wtih him.  Bad idea, for the most part.  Lots more swelling and a little more pain as well.  I’ll be okay, though 🙂

Sunny California

Hi all.  I’ve been absent for almost a month…not good for the old blog stats…LOL  I’m still here, though.  I’m in Sunny (or rainy as the case may be today) Seal Beach, CA visiting my mother with the little man.  It’s been almost 2 years since he’s seen her; shameful, isn’t it?!?!

We left Kalamazoo on the 5th for Chicago to catch a JetBlue flight on the morning of the 6th, managed to miss the flight on the morning of the 6th and get stuck in Chicago for an extra day.  This would not have been such a bad thing if it hadn’t been for the MAJOR snowstorm that hit; they actually canceled over 1,000 flights out of O’Hare that afternoon/evening.  We were going to take in some of the tourist sights for kids:  the Aquarium, the children’s museum, maybe even the Art Museum so I could see a genuine Monet, it was a fun and exciting day that we had planned and then we went outside.  We made it about 50 ft. outside the hotel and towards our car, took one look at the roads and the amount of snow already collected on the car, turned around and marched right back inside for a day of ordered in food and old TV (Bewitched, Green Acres, Beverly Hillbillies etc.).  All in all, not a bad day at all, I must admit.  TJ and I got to cuddle while little man pigged out on pizza and “colored” with the Super 8 pens and tiny pads of paper.  We also watched The Devil Wears Prada that night, which was a really good movie.  I was surprised that TJ enjoyed it, but he did.  He does have a feminine side after all, LOL.

So the next morning we get to the airport early enough, they allow TJ to go through security to go to the gate with us b/c of my back problems and the little one and things are good.  Except for one thing:  the day we were leaving, we realized that my ID had been in my jeans pocket the last time I went to knit night, b/c I didn’t want to carry a purse, and the jeans had been watched, dried and folded.  Somehow, the ID went missing during all of this.  ARGH!!!  Luckily I still had the expired ID from when I renewed, so that gave me a picture ID.  We called the airline to make sure it would be okay, which they assured us would be fine.  When we got to security, though, it was a different story.  I got “chosen” for “selective screening” b/c of my lack of picture ID.  They pulled me aside to frisk me from top to bottom and they took my bags (we gave the bag with the knitting stuff to Jacob, b/c we were afraid it wouldn’t make it through the “special” screening) and rubbed a cloth through most of my things to check for explosives etc.  Needless to say, there were no explosives in my stuff and, all in all, it was a pretty interesting experience, if a little inconvenient time wise.  By the time we got through the check point (did I mention the airport was packed with people trying to make up for missing their flights the day/night before?) the plane was boarding.  We had to rush a little, but it was kind of nice not to have to wait for the plane to land, get cleaned etc.  We said goodbye to TJ and we boarded.  I was a little nervous about Jake flying, especially without his car seat, but he was an absolute angel.  JetBlue is a wonderful airline.  Love the DirecTv on every seat, the variety of snacks and the entire can of pop (soda, out here) they give you; they even encourage you to ask for seconds if you want them.  Jake was an angel on the plane, he didn’t even want to watch TV channels, rather the channel with the picture of the plane and which state it’s currently over.  Strange kid.  LOL

We landed a half hour early and it was in the mid-70’s here.  Big change from Chicago.  I was dying in my sweat pants and my sweater while we were waiting for the luggage at Long Beach Airport.  It’s a really small airport and we could deplane from both the front and back of the plane and had to wait for our luggage outside.

Jake took an immediate liking to Aunt Marion and hasn’t wanted to be away from her since.  He warmed up to his Nana a little slower, but he loves her, too.  We’ve done a lot of shopping since I’ve been here:  I didn’t bring my laptop b/c of it’s broken all over issues, but Mom bought me this great new one I’m typing this entry on.  It’s an HP with Vista instead of HP (and I like it a lot more than I thought I would) and a nice and fast 3 GB RAM with a 250 GB hard drive and lots of other fun features.  It’s also a 15.4″ screen instead of the 17″ that my Vaio is and I’m MUCH happier with this one.  It also weighs about 7 lbs less.  I’m thrilled with it.  She got Jacob an awesome portable DVD player for the car trip we’re taking to Arizona later this year; he loves it.  We’re actually getting to watch something on the real TV other than Dora or Diego now…YAY!!! Along with the DVD player, she bought him a ton of Disney movies and he’s in heaven.  There are also toys for him to play with and cousins his age to play with.  He’s having a blast.  He does cry at night occasionally, though, that he wants his Daddy, which breaks my heart.  I know how he feels, I miss TJ terribly as well.  Tried to talk him into flying in for a few days, but I know it’s not practical.  UGH!!  The trip was originally slated for three weeks (leaving the 27th) with Mom coming back with us.  Now, b/c of her cataract surgery and other doctor issues, we’re going to be here until mid to late March before we go back.  6-7 weeks total away from home.  That’s a LONG time.  I hope Jake, and I, can make it.  We are having a good time, though, all in all.  It’s great to spend time with my mother and she’s in absolute heaven having Jacob right here all the time.  It’s going to break her heart when it’s time for her to leave Kazoo and fly back here after her visit with us.

Gotta run, but I’ll post more later about the trip and what we’ve done and where we’ve gone.  Hope everyone is happy, healthy and staying warm in Michigan and the other cold states.  Love to all!!!