Upon Further Reflection…

A sick day is a good day to reflect on knitting and organizing and other types of goals.  I’ve been in and out of bed all day today, feeling like crap. I’m wheezy, which I hate, and stuffed up, which makes me feel downright panicked at night when I’m trying to sleep.

I think that Socks 2015 is a great idea and I’m going to hold onto it.  But I think there also needs to be a big, goal oriented project.  I’ve been wanting to knit a sweater desperately, but haven’t found the right one, didn’t have the yarn etc.  So I’m going to be getting some yarn soon and I’m thinking that my sweater’s worth of yarn is going to be Knit Picks Shine (not sure what weight yet). I’m thinking something with stripes or colorwork of some sort, bc I love the colorways so much, but am also open to the thought of a one colored sweater. I’d love some ideas from anyone who wants to share. Either worsted or dk are fine for the size.

In order to further facilitate my move to more organized and concise system for projects, I need to purge the WIP basket.  It’s name should really be the “Needs to be Frogged” basket if I’m honest.  It’s a number of things that I mostly don’t like but haven’t had the heart to admit defeat yet again (if it’s on the needles it’s still a project mentality). Time to let that go, stop feeling like a knitting failure and to finally have a needle reclamation party.  I have no clue what needles I have and don’t have b/c of the insane number of WIP’s. Of to rip-it, rip-it, rip-it…good luck to me….LOL


Clapotis Heartbreak…


This Clapotis is made with my FAVORITE yarn and colorway ever. I fell in love with it 8 years ago. It’s 100% bamboo and the colorway is 7th Heaven. The vendor was Yarntopia or something like that I think. I would, buy a ton more yarn (loved so many of her colorways) if I could just find her again. She also sells a lot of lace – weight tencel yarns as well as blends. Her colorways are always bright and colorful; multi-colored and pretty. If anyone knows who I’m talking about, please let me know.
Back to the Clapotis.  I cast her on 8 years ago. It was when I was still fairly new to knitting and she was my first attempt at a shawl; I was so ambitious but it couldn’t be in the round and it couldn’t be too hard. So Clapotis it was.  I dove in, had a few problems here and there, but fell madly in love as soon as I dropped my first stitch. It hummed along for awhile and then I learned to spin. First the spindle took my attention away from her, then it was Penelope, the spinning wheel. Poor Clapotis got put away in a knitting bag.
Over the following years I would get her out and work on it for a few weeks, getting a decent amount each time.  I got it out for what I swear will be the last time. I’ve been working on it for days. I just started the decrease part of the pattern. Today I discovered that I made a few mistakes that altered the course of the patten. So after trying a few things to fix it, I went with the radical idea to frog the whole thing. I think there was pms involved. But it’s done now. I have 800 yards of perfectly yummy DK bamboo. Any suggestions for a worthy project would be really appreciated.

Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Close only counts in those things, right? Definitely not in sock knitting. I was SO close to finishing the 2nd Spiral Corolis; I was almost done with the leg, leaving me with only five rows of ribbing and binding off. Happy day, I was going to be able to wear them on the plane with my slip on sandals and show them off. Not to be. Well, maybe I’ll still have them done, but this throws my knitting plans for before the trip way off. What is this, you may ask. My abject stupidity would have to be the answer. I just knit along happily, reveling in my ability to knit a pair of socks from the toe-up (or at all) and have them come out beautiful and comfortable as hell; whoever said that custom knit socks feel much better than store bought ones wasn’t just whistling Dixie. The first sock feels marvelous on my foot. Then it happened. I was getting close to the end of the leg portion of the 2nd sock and for some stupid reason I had forgotten to write down the number of rows I used from the end of the heel to where I started the ribbing. I knew basically where to stop based on where the corolis band stopped and I thought I could get out the first sock and try to count from the end of the heel on both of them and see where I was. That’s when I realized my horrible mistake. You see, using the master patterns in the New Pathways book gives you a lot of freedom in choosing things like toe, heel, cuff etc. which is a great thing. My problem, however, was that while working on the heel for sock #1 I used the sl1, k1 reinforcement only for the first part of the heel and then switched over to stockinette for the decreasing. With #2 however, I used the sl1, k1 reinforcement for the entire heel, switching back to stockinette when I started the leg. So here I am with two very different heels which make the socks look very different.
I admit that I thought about continuing on…I’m so close after all…but in the end decided that I had to fix it. So even though it broke my heart I just finished unraveling almost 2/3 of the sock. All I can say is OUCH!!!