Swatch Question

I’m kind of obsessed with the thought of 12 pair of socks in 12 months idea.  I’ve been stalking the sock pages in the pattern section of Ravelry. I’ve been fingering all my sock yarn.  I’ve gotten out almost every sock book I have.

This obsession brings me to my question. When it comes to swatching for socks, I have been experimenting with the gauge of a stockinette square vs a circular swatch. I find, for me at least, that the difference is so small as to be negligible.  I was wondering if that’s true for a lot of people, or am I just deluding myself into thinking it’s true…the measurements don’t lie, though, right?

Another sock knitting question.  When you are getting ready to knit a pair of socks do you choose the yarn first and let it lead you to the right pattern or vice versa? I tend to pick the yarn first, but am working on picking the pattern and then the yarn.  I’m curious about what others do.


One thought on “Swatch Question

  1. To be totally honest, unless the sock is really important to be the right size I don’t bother to swatch(I’ve done it all of one times). Sure the first couple of socks for myself came out the wrong size(mostly because I didn’t know that I had unusually narrow feet) but most of my socks have turned out to be alright. It’s pretty easy usually to customize the length by inches not number of rows and the circumference and length of a sock changes to fit the person, within reason. I don’t think that if you’re swatching in the round vs flat will make a big difference to your sock’s fit, unless you’re doing something potentially complicated like stranded colour work and you are like me and knit stranded colour work with both hands but don’t purl as well with the one hand as the other. Other than that I think you’re fine.
    For me it depends on the type of sock and the reason I am making the sock, if I see a totally awesome sock pattern when browsing ravelry that I know I really want to make, I will pick the yarn for that pattern. But if I just know I want to make socks for someone, more often than not I will just go buy sock yarn I think they will like and either find a pattern that will work for the yarn or just make it up as I go along.

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