quick post

Just a quick little post to say that I’m finally better; YAY!!!!  Also I got my first secret swap package and it ROCKED.  I’ll add pics as soon as I get the camera out of the van; we’ve been house hunting and using it to take pictures and I keep forgetting to bring it in.

Oh yeah…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!  Well, we put in an offer on one anyway.  I hope it will be accepted.  It’s in Battle Creek which I’m actually happy about.  It means being much closer to work for TJ and I’ll be closer to Shannon Too, which means I’ll actually leave the house more often and be more social since I won’t have to drive endlessly.  Hopefully it also means we’ll have a babysitter for Jacob that I will feel comfortable enough to actually leave him with…Emily, you want to make some money?!?  🙂  The house is small, but not too small, and it definitely needs some work, but it’s in move in condition other than the kitchen which we’ll remodel before we go out west in November; I can’t wait to start ordering cabinets and ceramic tile etc.  The best part is that the attic is a finished walk-up that will make a perfect studio for spinning/dyeing etc.  We’re supposed to close on the 5th and take possession the same day.  🙂  We’ll find out later today if they accepted our offer.  Fingers crossed.