Or not….

The plan to wheel spin the Burning love fiber has come to naught….I started spinning it but it wouldn’t cooperate so I decided to spindle spin it instead.  I’ve been working on it for the last few days and I’m almost done spinning it. 


The first half of the fiber; I spun it 7 years ago and plied it a few days ago, is done. I spindle plied it, soaked it and finished it the other night.




I really like this yarn. It’s 254 yards, not sure the weight or wpi yet. I’m thinking that it’s not going to match the yarn I’m spinning now; I think the singles are bigger this time around.  Can’t wait to see how it all comes out.



It’s time for a little experiment.  Mwahahaha…she says with a sinister laugh…

While looking for fiber to spin (a gorgeous bat of merino/bamboo/firestar that was fluffy and gorgeous; it was baby pink and light green with a lot of sparkle) and found a bag of spun balls that were just waiting to be plied. So I spent the day reacquainting myself with plying on a spindle (just about the easiest spinning I’ve ever done),then I got out my new niddy-noddy and now I have a skein of 254 yards of beautiful fingering wt. in an orange and red colorway called “Burning Love”.  I will add pics at the end of my experiment.  I’m so damn proud of this little skein that it’s almost a little ridiculous.

Along with the singles I also found the other half of the combed top that I used to make it.  All of my spindles are full at the moment and I really want to spin this and hence the experiment.  I’m going to spin the other 4.2 oz on my wheel and see what the differences are in the two skeins.  I’m guessing they will be similar but they will be two very distinct lots of yarn.  I really can’t wait to spin this.

School House Rocks

I have fallen in love….with Craftsy!! I signed up for a few free knitting classes, then bought a few spinning classes and I am more than impressed.  The format is amazing and the instruction is clear, concise and easy to understand.  For the first time in….well, ever…I don’t feel like I have to exclude patterns just because they have short rows in them.  Wrapping the stitches has never been a problem, but until the short row mini-class I had no idea how to knit the wrap with the stitch.  I do now.

The spinning classes are even better.  For the first time I’m using my wheel instead of my spindles and I’m enjoying it.  I have some great hand-dyed merino in a color that looks just like Sully from Monsters Inc. and I really want to get it on the wheel and see what I can do with it.

Spinning the Day Away

I spent the better part of the day prepping and spinning.


This is Merino that I dyed with my nephew a few months ago. We were going for rainbow and got it, just a little more pastel than I planned. I love it though!
I split the fiber in half and then halved each of them. I’m planning to spin them 2 at a time together, first from pink to purple then back from purple to pink. Then I’ll ply the two singles together. I’m hoping to end up w it a sport to DK weight yarn. This is the first time I’ve tried to plan a yarn from the beginning. Fingers crossed.
Here is what it looked like when I put it up tonight…


Love the way the soft colors blend together. Can’t wait to knit it.
I’ve also started a scarf for the same nephew using this crazy acrylic yarn I’ve had forever. It’s called TCL Wiggles. It’s loud and garish and gorgeous.


The Valkyrie yarn is put up until I figure out what will suit it. I would love suggestions for a shawl that can be knit with 2 skeins of Socks That Rock medium weight and that is right for a yarn that needs to be the star of the show.

Kick Me….

Please, someone kick me in the butt and get me to work on these knitting goals I have set. I’ve joined the Wendy Knits Mystery Shawl Along and am challenging myself to knit 1000 yards as well as wheel spin 6 oz. of fiber (any suggestions….fiber, way to spin, weight etc. Think of me as a total noob who has the fortune, or misfortune of being able to spin only fairly thinly.)Then there is the dreaded plying part…I challenged myself to ply at least 1/2 of the singles spun on the wheel. I dread plying more than anything else for some reason. I’ve never really taken the time to get to know how to do it properly and now I’m scared of messing up perfectly passable singles while trying to “fiddle” with them more.
I got all my yarn and fiber out for a Ravelry stash update and sadly lacking fiber stash. I was going to post some fibery porn for y’all today, but haven’t gotten around to it. I got a new phone yesterday (Galaxy s5) and it’s great so far. So much to play with that I haven’t gotten down all the little tricks and shortcuts. Any tips much appreciated. 🙂
So B having a girlfriend is a lot harder on me than even I thought it would be. I realize that he’s right in the respect that if I really love him and he really is my best friend, then I should want him to be happy. And I do. I’m just so freaking selfishly worried about what happens to me as this….relationship….progresses. What girlfriend in their right mind would be okay with her new man living with his best friend, who just happens to be a female, who just happens to be his ex, who’s kids just happen to call him dad….I just don’t see her sitting back and respecting the friendship we have. I am terrified that she’s going to make him choose and three years of friendship goes flying out the window for some chick who I doubt will still be around in 6 months. It happens that way….Living together was complicated enough when we were friends “with benefits”. There was a release for the tension that builds constantly in this house, there was a balance somehow. He thinks I was pretending we were a couple, and maybe in the ease of living way, I was. It’s easy to get into a routine. I don’t want us to necessarily be together, but I also don’t want this little family that we’ve built with me and him and my kids and his son to go away. I just don’t see how the two things: his new relationship and our little blended family can be anything but mutually exclusive. Any thoughts?
This I why I need to get the needles and wheels and fiber and yarn etc. and loose myself in it. I need to stop the brain from whirring along and turning this into some horrible situation where I feel like my whole way of life is being fucked with and that I have to fight or run. I need to learn to chill out and see what comes next. How though? I feel like I’m stuck in quicksand.
Okay, thanks for coming to my pity party. It was rather impromptu, but I appreciate those of you who stuck around. I will throw a fiber porn party tomorrow, once I figure some shit out with my new phone, to make up for this maudlin crap today. Hope you are all having a fluffy or silky or whatever floats your boat kind of fibery day…

33 Weeks and Great O.B. Appointment

I actually had a good O.B. appointment!!  You could knock me over with a feather.  I’d come to expect the worst from every appointment that having things go well never even crossed my mind after the last few weeks.  First was the NST and he passed it with flying colors.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t with flying colors, but he passed and that’s the thing that really matters here.  Next was the actual appointment where my blood pressure was the lowest it’s ever been (110/62), there was only trace amounts of protein in my urine and everything looks really good.  Even my blood sugar seems to be evening out.  Just an all around good day.  Of course I’m taking nothing at all for granted and I realize that at tomorrow’s appointment  it could all go to hell in a hand basket.  But for today I’m going to be confident that this pregnancy could actually go all the way to 39 weeks.  I’m really not sure, though, that my belly can take it.

After such a good report yesterday, we went out to celebrate.  Nothing too big, I am still on modified bed rest afterall.  We took Jacob to the mall for pretzel dogs from Auntie Anne’s.  They are one of his favorite “junk foods” and frankly the air conditioning felt good and nobody felt like cooking in the heat last night.  Walking around felt pretty good once we found a nice slow pace that worked for me.  I broke the G.D. rules and had a pretzel and a Coke for dinner (it was delicious and worth every extra carb.)  The exercise seemed to help, though, b/c my blood sugar was still really good when I checked it.  It was like a charmed day yesterday…LOL  We also went to Target to look for some nightgowns that I could wear in the hospital as I don’t think my c-section scar is going to go well with pajama elastic.  Maternity and/or nursing gowns are so expensive for something that you only wear for a short time relatively speaking.  I found a couple of cute gowns that could easily be pulled down for nursing and they weren’t expensive at all.  I also found a really adorable maternity dress that was more expensive and we’re going to get next week.  YAY!!  I’ve come to love the concept of the “maxi dress”.  They are very comfortable and they are very cute; if you like the whole someone put a beach ball under my dress look, which I happen to adore…LOL  We also bought a starter package of baby bottles yesterday.  New bottles for us.  They are called Breastflow and they are very different from regular bottles, or so they say.  They are supposed to be very much like breast-feeding so that they won’t cause nipple confusion.  The baby has to not only suck on the bottle, but compress it as well in order to get any milk.  I know that my mother is going to want to be able to feed the baby and Jacob  has been talking about feeding him from the beginning so I thought that once we’ve got nursing well established (after the first three or four weeks) I can put pumped milk in bottles for them to feed Connor.

On a more fibery note:  I am almost done with the second of the diagonal lace socks.  Two pair down, two to go.  I don’t think that I’ll get four pair done before the big day, but three is a possibility.  I also got the spinning wheel out for the first time since we got back from Arizona.  I’ve been using the spindles to spin a bit, but my arms tire so easily these days.  I’m spinning the pound of karaoke fiber that I have in the playful colorway.  I’m spinning it as thin as I can, which turns out to be pretty thin.  For the first time I’m using the smallest whorl on the wheel and I’m not having the trouble with it that I was when I first tried it.  I really haven’t spent the time playing with/learning how to use the wheel that I should have.  I’ve read the books, I know the different drafting techniques but I’ve never really tried mastering them.  I have more fiber than I know what to do with and I tend to hoard it.  OMG, I’m a hoarder…LOL!!  I’m going to keep working on improving my spinning technique; oddly, while I do well with the finer yarns, I have trouble with maintaining consistency when I try to do anything thicker.  I’m hoping to buy and dye the fiber to spin for a Lady Eleanor Stole eventually.  I’ve wanted to make it for a while but haven’t found yarn in my price range that I love enough to make the effort.  We shall see.  Let’s get some smaller projects done first…:)

7 months old

I’m starting to think if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t
have any luck at all. The G.D. is not getting better, in fact
we started insulin today. 3x a day I have to jab myself in
the stomach with a needle to help keep my blood sugar down. I
know I shouldn’t complain, it’s keeping Connor healthy as well as
myself, but it makes me feel like I’ve failed in some way. Today
was my 30 week prenatal appointment. I was a bit nervous
about it b/c it was with the OB as opposed to the midwife that I’m
used to. This is the same doctor that I dealt with for my
fertility treatments and for some reason I thought I didn’t care
for his bedside manner, or him to be honest, too much when I saw
him late last year. I’m not sure where that judgement came
from (maybe I was just down on everything during that period of
time b/c of my fear that I would never be able to get pregnant
again) b/c after my appointment today, I couldn’t love the man
more. It was NOT a good appointment, unfortunately, but his
bedside manner, jokes, and just generally good attitude made things
that much easier to take. My blood pressure was through the
roof compared to what it’s been lately (140/100) and I’ve had
visual disturbances, headaches and swelling for the last week or
so. So now we’re thinking pre-eclampsia as well as the G.D.
and that is not good. I had to have blood work done to check
my liver and kidney function (both are good thank God) and I have
to come in for ultrasounds every week between now and when I give
birth to keep an eye on how Connor is doing. Today’s
ultrasound was good, so I guess I do have some good luck afterall.
I’m also going to be seeing the perinatologist at the office
that’s dealing with the G.D. for an in-depth ultrasound (seeing
Connor so much these days) but that will just be the one time I
think. Dr. H (my OB) said he would be happy to be the doctor
that does my c-section which thrills me b/c I think he’ll be a very
calming presence in the O.R. When I asked him about a date
for the section, he didn’t give me one, but did say that he doubted
I would make it to 39 weeks due to the symptoms I’m having now and
the fact that Jake was a 37 week baby and so big (just under 9
lbs.) So I don’t know when Connor will be here at this point.
I’m 30 weeks + 1 today and I’d be happy to make it to 36/37
weeks. As long as Connor is big enough (shouldn’t be a
problem) and his lungs are developed enough for him not to need the
NICU I’m fine with whatever they decide to do. I am on a modified
version of bedrest right now. I don’t have to stay in bed all
the time, but I also can’t be running around doing things.
I’m supposed to laze around on the couch, take care of myself
etc. I can do things around here as I feel up to it, but he
doesn’t want me running off to the mall, grocery shopping etc. for
the time being. Maybe if my blood pressure goes down it will
change. The only really bad part about all of this is that
there is a field trip for Jake’s class in a few weeks that I wanted
to go on and a carnival that the PTO is throwing for the elementary
school kids that I really wanted to be a part of that I’m
going to have to miss. I told TJ, though, that I don’t care
what my BP or the doctors say there is no way I’m missing Jake’s
Kindergarten graduation on June 9th (unless I’m in the hospital
having the baby, of course). He understood and said he didn’t
think that counted as strenuous activity. Fingers crossed
that BP just goes down and other pre-e symptoms get under control
so that life can be semi-normal until the baby is here. All
of this puts so much pressure on TJ and it makes me feel so guilty.
I know that he knows that it’s not my fault and this isn’t a
choice I”m making, but for so much of our marriage – through all of
my depression etc. – I have made the choice to lay all the work at
his feet that it doesn’t seem to make a difference in my
head/heart. It doesn’t feel fair that he has to take on
getting Connor’s room ready, figuring out how to get up north
without leaving Jake and I alone overnight so he can get the
crib/baby clothes etc. that are stored up there from when Jake was
a baby etc. It’s a nightmare. One happyish note, though…the
insulin needle in the belly isn’t painful at all and it’s not quite
as icky as I anticipated. It’s all a mental thing, I guess.
I actually don’t even feel the needle going in; I just jab it
in there fast and hard and get it over with…so yay for no pain, I
guess. On the knitting front: I think the Hot Flash STR yarn
is cursed. I really liked the Tresse
socks when I started them, and I still really like the pattern, but
I don’t like the way it’s coming out with this yarn. I think
I’m knitting it a little too tightly – even though I got gauge –
and it just doesn’t work for me. This is the second pair of
socks I’ve frogged in this yarn. I’ve decided that this
particular skein doesn’t want to be socks at all. So now I’m
looking for a good shawlette pattern for it. I think I
might have found it but we’ll see after swatching etc. is done.
I’m kind of off the sock kick (that didn’t last long) a bit
and itching to make something different. I still have a few
pairs of socks that I will work on: the HandMaiden (or is it Fleece
Artist? I can never remember) BFL Sock in Stone
diagonal lace toe up socks for one, but I just feel like I need to
have something else on the needles as well. Since the yarn
bins are in a bit of a clutter right now and I’m limited to what I
can get my hands on yarn-wise, I’m limited but I’ll make due.
There are several shawl patterns that I want to play with and
the yarn that goes with them is accessable. There is also all
that fiber I have to spin up for various things that I could really
get into. I should really use this “rest” time I’m being
given (read forced into) for being fiberly productive. Have a great
rest of the week everyone…I’m going to try. I say that like
there is really anyone at all reading this LMAO!!