Death of a Great Man and Zombie Knitting

originally written on 11/12/07

First off, I want to take a moment to remember my surrogate father, Wynne Fidler. Jacob called him Papa Wynne and thus so did I. He was my “little sister” Brooke’s father and as our friendship grew, I quickly adopted him as my very own. The way this man opened his heart to me and even more importantly to Jacob without really knowing either of us was nothing short of miraculous. It was just one example of the big heart and amazing capacity for love that made him who he was. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost 6 years ago (correct me if I’m off on the length of time, Brooke) and he was so strong and so brave and so determined not to let this beat him. He fought the good fight for as long as he could and this evening it finally got to be too much and he let go. It was peaceful, Brooke tells me, and there wasn’t much suffering at the end. If there is a blessing in all of this, that would be it. I will make sure that Jake remembers that he had a Papa Wynne and that he loved him very much. Good bye P.W. you will be missed and you were loved. You already know this Brooke, but my heart is there with you and I just wish my body could be as well. I love you!!

Okay, lets try to lighten the mood a little bit… Last Thursday I went to the Zombie Prom Date Knitters group and it ROCKED MY SOCKS!!! What a great group of women (didn’t hurt that Shannon, my first local knitting buddy was there as well). I was a little nervous walking in, as I always am in new situations, but had Nan with me, Shannon was going to be there and I have to get over this shy thing. Turns out that everybody was really friendly, especially Holly, who is the brains behind the group. We had so much fun and I wish that I had been able to go this week as well, but Corky is sick. I’m going to have some serious withdrawal since it will be over a week before another knitting group.

ETA: Today (11/17) is Wynne’s memorial service. It should be starting right now. Brooke, know that my heart and my thoughts are with you. I wish I was with you right now. I’m going to take a moment when I’m done here to be still and silent and remember him.