A Square Turn Hat…

I haven’t posted in a long time again.  I get into depressive funks and let everything go.  I’m working on that.  I’ve finally picked the needles back up. Instead of the big projects that I inevitably start with enthusiasm for their beauty and complexity but lose interest in before I finish them, I’m going to work on small projects that allow me to use some of the one skein of each color that I have of far too many yarns.

To that end I’ve cast on A Square Turn Hat by Jarred Flood and am really enjoying the knit.  The Tubular cast on was new to me and I wasn’t sure about it, but I sailed through the instructions.  I’m into the color work straight portion right now, closing in on the crown decreases.  I feel so excited about something that will be done soon.  I will take and post pictures soon.  


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