Catching up…

Yet again I haven’t blogged in FAR too long.  I keep meaning to and life gets in the way; or my laziness or any number of things that I tend to put above the things I really need and want to do.  I”m working on this, though, as well as many other aspects of life.

Quick update on life.  Took a trip out to CA with the kids and Nan.  Drove my mother’s new HHR (Love that car) out to her and drove her old PT Cruiser (go hamsters go, I know you can run faster than that…LOL) home.  It was the first time I’d taken, or even attempted, a trip of that magnitude by myself.  Usually TJ is there to do the driving and organizing and keep the kids from going bat-shit crazy etc.  Not this time.  This time it was all me; okay that’s not exactly true.  My friend/Jacob’s old nanny, Andrea (who we call Nan) came with us for the trip.  She got a free trip across the country and I got help managing the road, the kids and my own fears etc.  It was an adventure that I will cherish forever and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  There are things I would do differently, of course.  I think we learned a lot about organization, how much to bring and how much yarn can really fit into an already packed car.  It was bound to be an issue.  We were gone for just over three weeks and it was a blast.  Not only did we get the car driven out and a nice visit with my mother, we also got to see TJ’s cousins Sherri and Danny (I gave her a spindle – her first – and some fiber and have hopefully pulled her over to the spinning dark side) and we also got to see Uncle Ron and Aunt Judy as well as Memaw and Bill.  Every time we get out that way at all, I try to bring the kids to see their great grandparents.

There were multiple yarn crawls along the way.  Colorado has some great little yarn shops.  The very best yarn shop of all, though, was in California.  It was called the Alamitos Bay Yarn Co. and it was FABULOUS.  I left a large majority of my spending money there and it was well worth it!!

There is so much more to talk about – the kids, my knitting/spinning etc. but that will come later, when I have more time.  🙂


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