Don’t Post Nearly Enough, but At Least I’m Knitting Again

I don’t post nearly enough about life, the kids, knitting etc.  That’s because I’ve been lazy, lazy, lazy.  Since getting my IPad and IPhone I so rarely actually turn the computer on.  Bad Shannon.  So bare bones update:  I’m seeing a therapist and taking Prozac for my depression and it’s helping me so much that I feel almost like a different person.  I’ve still got a ways to go but I’ll get there.  Connor just turned One a few weeks ago, which boggles my mind – it seems like just yesterday that I was giving birth (way to early) to the little bugger.  He’s adorable as ever and so much fun.  Jacob is finishing first grade today.  Time flies.  I swear I’m going to turn around one day and he’s going to be leaving for college.  My quest right now is to spend more time on getting healthier – going to the YMCA and losing weight and doing the things that I love that I’ve let go in my depression.

Right now I’m on my 3rd attempt at a Baby Surprise Sweater (Thank you for having a daughter Jimi D.) after the first two failed spectacularly.  The first one, I didn’t like the color so I changed it.  The second one I was about 1/2 way done with when I realized that I had missed an important increase back at row 9.  ARGH!!!  It was supposed to be for Jake’s 1st grade teacher who is pregnant right now and I was hoping to give it to her today.  So much for that.  So now I’m making this one for Jimi’s newborn daughter with a yarn that is a gorgeous pink (I’m not positive it’s just right for the pattern, but the color is perfect, so I’m willing to give it a shot.)  I guess I’ll know pretty quickly if it works or not.  Wish me luck.  Will update with pictures periodically.


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