BSJ Day 1

Ok, really I’ve been working on Baby Surprise Jackets for almost three weeks now, but there have been epic fails in the first two.  This time, I’ve taken the time to read everything I can get my hands on; I’ve looked at the increase, decrease options and decided what to do and have figured out the best way to keep track of my stitches, I hope.  This will be the first of three BSJs that I plan to finish this summer.

The one I’m currently working on is going to be a newborn/baby size (actually they will all be this size) for an old friend of ours back in the Detroit area.  Congrats on the birth of your little girl, Jimi, and THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to use girl colors instead of yellow/green/orange etc.  I have a beautiful sparkly rayon yarn in a color called Pink Snow that varies from almost pure white to a light bubblegum pink.  Gorgeous!!!  I’m going to use a different colorway of the same yarn (this one has deeper shades of pink that go into rose shades and even some orange/rust shades) should be a nice contrast to the lightness of the other yarn.  We’ll see.  I’m definitely willing to pull out and start over if things don’t go right.

After this one I have one for one of my best friend’s in the world, Little Thumper I call her.  She’s having a boy around Labor Day and as she’s a rock and roll chick I’m thinking of a rock and roll color.  Black with shades of red and purple overlayed.  Such a pretty yarn.  If she wants something more traditional, though, I can do that too.  I’ll leave that up to her.

The final one is for Jacob’s 1st grade teacher who’s due in October.  I was trying to get that done by today, but an epic fail in the original knitting caused a ripping out and time crunch that was just not manageable.  For that one I used a thicker yarn (Calmer) in three colors:  a medium yellow, light lime green, and bright orange.  It really was a pretty sweater while it was coming along and will be again; when I get back to it.

That’s most of my summer knitting plans.  There are also random socks I want to work on as well as starting to think about the few gifts that I’m knitting this year for Christmas.  I’m trying not to over burden myself because then I get nothing done.  So here we go…

Today’s Goal:  C.O. and get the first 10 rows of knitting done, ending up with the correct stitch count at the end.


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