First Blog-a-week Post

I haven’t done a great job of the short posts daily that I was hoping/planning to do with a longer weekly post, but hopefully I’ll get there.  It’s been a pretty good week here at Dwire Chaos Central (This is the name that I’m using on FourSquare for Home).  Jake is back in school with Christmas break being over and he’s finally getting back into the swing of things.  He finished his homework this week, which is better than last week.  He’s been rocking on his spelling tests which is amazing since when he started K-garten a year and a half ago, he barely knew the alphabet.

Connor is, as always, growing and changing every day.  His favorite place to be/play is his “jump-jump” which, for you non parental type people, is a Jumperoo which is like a walker that doesn’t go anywhere with springs so he can jump.

Connor showing off in his "jump-jump"

Connor loves to hang in his jump-jump

Anytime you ask him if he wants to “jump-jump” he starts kicking his legs up and down.  He’s sitting up on his own now and he only falls over occasionally.  He doesn’t seem to have a strong grasp on that whole gravity concept.  He’s also rolling over from back to front (something I thought might never happen) but seems to have, in the interim, forgotten how to roll from belly to back so once he gets onto his belly he’s like a little beached whale with his belly on the ground, legs up in the air behind him and shoulders off the ground looking around and eventually screaming until someone flips him back over.  He still refuses to take any sort of decent nap, so I settle for the 30-45 minutes I get two to three times a day.  He is a good night-time sleeper, though.  He’s only getting up once or twice during the night and is easy to settle back to sleep.  As I type that I hear him moving around in his crib and making little noises.  We’re at the point where his pediatrician thinks we need to stop the middle of the night bottles, but he’s not to keen on her idea.  Of course the little porker doesn’t want his bottles taken away; how will he maintain his pudgy goodness?  Seriously, he’s not a fat baby by any means, but Jake was such a skinny little thing (only 6th percentile on the weight scale) that Connor seems huge.  He’s just about 18-20 lbs. now which Jake didn’t hit until after his first birthday.  Connor is also starting to put strings of sounds together.  Whenever he’s really upset he does this whining/slightly crying thing where he says “da-da-da-da-da…” over and over again.  I think he’s also trying to mimic the “hi” I always say to him first thing in the morning.

TJ is working his tail off, as usual.  He finally gave in to the “dark side”, though, and got himself and IPhone 4.  I’m so proud of him and I’m so happy to be able to text and send him pictures etc.

In knitting news:  Not much going on.  I’m working on a Branching Out scarf for a belated (very it seems) birthday gift for Brooke using Calmer yarn (which I love and have way too much of).

Happy very Belated Birthday Brooke

Since B.O. is going to take longer than I expected, I’m also planning a rather plain Malabrigo scarf (everyone should have something made from Malabrigo) using a main color and then the other colors I have for random stripes or else I’m just going to grab a few skeins of Noro Silk Garden and make a multi-directional scarf for her, which would be beautiful as well.  As I type this, I realize that I’m leaning strongly towards the Silk Garden.  **Update**In the hours that I have walked away from this blog I have fed Connor, read some Kay Scarpetta, and I’ve decided that I will, indeed go with the Silk Garden rather than the Malabrigo.  While all my colors of Malabrigo are beautiful by themselves, the colors I have on hand may not be so harmonious together.  Besides, like I said before everybody should have/feel something Malabrigo in their lives…LOL  I guess I at heart really am a yarn snob; bad, right.  I have half of the dpn pair almost done as well.  I just really hate working with dpns so very much that it’s difficult to make a ton of progress.  Not to mention I really don’t like the yarn, either.  This may be almost sacrilegious in the sock knitting world, but I find Socks That Rock to be one of the most annoying yarns on the planet.  I’ve tried it in both light-weight and medium weight and (for socks at least) it’s irritates me to use for some reason.  I’m much more partial to the woollier yarns like the Monkey Toes 100% merino and BFL sock yarn…the fuzzy stuff.  I think I’ll repurpose the STR for something else.  I have two skeins in medium weight that I plan to use for a shawl – hope I can stand knitting it…LOL   All that being said, I discover a real love of sock knitting (and wearing hand knitted socks) this past year.  I hope to pass that love on to my family this year.  🙂

I haven’t really done much in the way of spinning.  Things have been so hectic that I’m lucky to get a half hour of knitting in before going to sleep.  I have a ton of fiber, dye, spindles and a wheel and I have plans, oh yes I have plans.  We shall see if they come to fruition…:)



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