quick GD update

I finally got my glucose meter and am testing 4x a day at this point. It feels like the only things I do these days are count carbs., check blood sugar and try to tweak things so that my numbers will be in the desired range. We started out with no insulin, hoping that we would be able to control sugar numbers by controlling diet and exercise. Exercise, unfortunately, is a little bit difficult since I start having contractions and/or cramping if I’m too active. Diet is easier in theory, but I’m still having trouble with it. I’m doing the very best that I can, though. The good news for me is that number of carbs is what I look at, not specific foods. So if I want to have a half a can of soda, I can, but it counts as one of my snacks for the day. It’s all a numbers game in the end. I’m pretty sure, after two days of testing, that I’m going to end up having to take some insulin, even if it’s just a small dose. My fasting blood sugar is higher than they’d like it to be and there’s nothing I can do about that; there is no adjusting carbs for a fasting reading. I’m not that far above the max for fasting numbers, but still high. I meet with the dietitian again in a week and a half to reevaluate my numbers and what we need to do about them.
This whole experience has been pretty disheartening for me, but I have to keep soldiering on and doing what’s best for Connor. Sometimes it just all seems so fruitless since no matter what I do/eat/try it seems like my numbers are too high. ARGH!!!


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