Dr. Who and the TV-verse

I’ve been meaning to post about TV shows in general and my viewing habits for a long time now.  I’ve been meaning to keep my blog constantly updated as well, but that hasn’t happened either.  I’m making strides, though.

Anyway…TV has always been a big player in my life.  I’ve been a TV junkie most of my adult existance; at times actually having three VCRs set up on one television b/c there were more things on at the same time than I could keep up with.  That was during the ‘I have to watch every soap on television or I will die’ phase; I’m so grateful that’s over.  When I was younger night time television wasn’t really that important to me.  As a teenager, social life and pretty much anything else took precedence over staying at home to watch TV.  Once I got my first apartment, I was much more content to just sit at home and be a couch potato, but I still wasn’t huge into the night time television.  It was still all about the comedies at that point; we had “Thursday Night Comedy” on NBC back then – Seinfeld, Mad about You, why can’t I remember anything else?  LOL  It seemed like so much of the TV schedule was being taken over back then my a new genre of TV show – the police procedural.  That hour long drama that revolved around cops, crime and courtrooms held no sway at all for me.  TV for old people, I used to think of it as.  Little did I know…

Jump ahead 7 or 8 years and I’m living with TJ in Kalamazoo with all my friends and security left behind.  I don’t have trouble making friends exactly, but it’s hard to start all over and it’s even harder to maintain close friendships with the people you are used to seeing every day/weekend.  Of course they are still my friends, for the most part, and I still love them dearly, but things change with that much distance.  So I spent a lot more time at home in front of the TV.  TJ is the one who introduced me to the Law and Order franchise as something other than an hour to skip over on the TV.  SVU was the first one that I ever sat down and watched and by the end of that first episode I was hooked.  Luckily for me, A&E, TNT, Bravo etc. were all more than happy to give me my fill of L&O of its two current (at the time) incarnations and then some.  Before long I was pretty well caught up and looking for more.  Along came the CSI franchise and the wonder that is the Jerry Bruckhiemer (I have no idea how to spell that) world and it kind of ballooned from there.  Before I knew it I had something to watch almost every night at least 2 hours of the prime time line up.  More and more shows came out, or I happened upon.  It was like a whole new world was opening up, while the “real” world was getting smaller and smaller.  There was the quirkieness of Ally McBeal (that show was so good in the early days), the beginnings of reality TV (still a guilty pleasure – can we say Real Housewives of New Jersey?) etc.  There was really only one genre that I didn’t watch:  Sci-Fi.  There was a line I was never going to cross.  Nope.  No fantasy for this chick.  Let’s stick to what could really happen, please.  Soaps were as far “out there” as I wanted to get.  The Star-Treks and Stargates were much better left to TJ and his TV time.  Then the Buffy-verse fell into my world.  Stop groaning, you all liked it to one degree or another at some point or it wouldn’t have been the collosal phenomenon that it was.  It was fun, it was campy, it was a little bit stupid, a little bit sexy and damn, David Boreanaz (who I have to say I like SO much more on Bones) and James Marsters were just the right kind of eye candy to reel me in in my early/mid-twenties.  Buffy led to Angel which led to a general opening up of my mind to the concept of sci-fi/fantasy.  Now I have to admit that I do like watching Star-Trek TNG and Enterprise as well as the original Stargate, SG-1.  The greatest thing about my mind being opened to sci-fi by far though has to be the discovery of Dr. Who.  I’m a huge fan of Dr. Who now.  I’m liking the new Doctor mostly, but I miss David Tennant so much.  He will always be my Doctor!  I never did watch the old Dr. Who series and I missed the first season of the new series with Christopher Eckellson, but I plan to catch up with the older eps. via NetFlix.

Okay, enough babbling about my TV watching.  If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time…LOL  More about important things later…


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