Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

On the list of things to NEVER do again while 7 months pregnant (not that I think I’ll ever be 7 months pregnant again) is to get a horrible chest/sinus etc. cold/infection.  This thing started out simply enough with TJ having a sore throat and mild fever last weekend.  He felt pretty shitty for a few days then it cleared up and life went on…Jake was sick on Monday with the same type of thing but he, being a resilient 5-year-old, was better by the afternoon and wanting to go out and play.  He still has the cough but those tend to linger with him for a week or more whenever he gets them; nothing to worry about so the pediatrician has told me on multiple occasions.  I started to feel crappy on Tuesday afternoon, but by Thursday night I was feeling well enough to go to the Volunteer Recognition dinner being held for all of us PTO members, parents who help in classrooms etc. at Endeavor.  It was a nice night and I didn’t feel 100% but good enough that I thought I was on the mend quickly the way my boys had been.  Boy was I ever wrong!  Woke up in the middle of the night Thursday night feeling like someone had taken a baseball bat to my lungs and chest.  My head felt like it was splitting open, my throat was on fire and my nose felt like it was full of cement.  UGH.  I know that it’s supposed to be safe to take all kinds of different cold medicines while pregnant these days, but I really don’t feel good about it.  When I was pregnant with Jake 6 years ago it was all about take a little Tylenol if you must but try not to take anything else if you don’t have to.  I get that a lot has changed in 6 years, but it’s bad enough that I still have to take small doses of the Methadone for my back to get through this pregnancy. (I’m going to be weaning completely off of that before Connor is born as long as my back doesn’t protest to the point that it’s more detrimental to him for me to be in pain.  Dr. M says that the dose of Methadone I’m on is perfectly safe for him even at birth with no withdrawal to worry about, but I still worry.)  If it were up to me, the only pill I’d be taking at all is my prenatal vitamin (which I have trouble remembering most days until right before I go to bed…LOL).  So anyway, I’m suffering through this hellish cold sans meds with the exception of a squirt or two of nasal spray to make breathing at night easier.  Okay, enough whining and complaining about this cold…:)

Connor has been a little soccer star the last few days.  He seems to want to make sure I know that he’s there and he’s smooshed at all times.  It’s such a trip for me still to feel all this movement b/c  Jake was so different when I was pregnant with him.  His movements weren’t even discernible until 25 weeks or so and even after that he was a pretty quiet little thing.  I definitely felt him moving, and his kicks were much more violent when they came, but he was more stingy with the motion.  Connor, on the other hand, is constantly hitting, kicking, rolling, stretching etc.  I don’t think an hour goes by most days where I don’t feel him moving.  The funniest thing to me is that when he hits (we know he’s head down already from both the ultra-sound last week and from the fact that when he gets going really good I can see his leg/foot combo in my upper belly) me he hits my lower belly with one hand and just below my tail bone with the other.  I can honestly say that this baby has kicked (well okay hit) my butt already.  I love watching him roll around and seeing my belly morph with his shape.  He’s also fairly interactive at this stage, which I had no clue about with Jacob.  A book I read early in this pregnancy told me about “the kick game” that you could play with the baby after about 24 weeks.  When he kicks you push where he kicked, say something encouraging like “good baby” or “great kick” or “I felt that” and then ask them to do it again.  It took about a  week of doing that before he responded, but now when he starts kicking at night when I’m in bed (his most active time, of course) we play a little game of kick mommy.  I love feeling like I’m “playing” with him already.  It’s such a trip to know that he’s hearing me and responding to me in a meaningful way.  I can’t believe there are only 10 weeks to go.  I’m almost positive now that July 13th is going to be the big day.  Definitely that week.

So we had a 3-D ultrasound this past week.  Now we have an idea of what Connor is going to look like.  He doesn’t look anything like Jake did when we did his 3-D u/s and those pictures and Jake’s baby pictures were almost identical.  So without further ado, here’s a picture or two of Connor Franklin Dwire at 28 weeks gestation.  Enjoy…

I can’t wait to actually meet this little guy in person.


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