It’s a….

Boy!!  I really did mean to post this as soon as I found out, but life gets in the way.  As much as I was hoping to have a girl this time around, once the news of another son set in I was really happy about it.  I know how to raise a boy, after all, and the bond between mothers and sons in just amazing!!  Seeing him again on ultra-sound was great; can’t wait for the 3-D u/s in late April.

This pregnancy is going absolutely wonderfully.  I think I’m in better shape now than I have been in the last 10 years.  I’m getting lots of exercise, I’m eating well (almost no sweets, limiting myself to two cans of soda a day etc.) and I’m making sure to get plenty of water.  As my “baby bump” gets bigger it seems the rest of me is getting smaller.  I love this pregnancy so much!  I have great energy right now and feel like I want to accomplish everything in the world.  Of course when I try to, I get tired very easily, but that doesn’t stop me from trying.  LOL

Volunteering for Jake’s school PTO is taking up a lot of my time lately and I feel so good about that.  I’ve always heard that volunteering is a fulfilling thing, but I didn’t realize how right it was until I started doing this.  I love being a part of this wonderful organization and knowing that I am doing something to help better the school that Jake and his little brother will go to.  Both TJ and myself are in this for the long haul and plan to keep getting more and more involved as time goes on.  Another side benefit is that I’ve met some really incredible women through this group and am feeling like I’m making friends for the first time in a long time.  I will NOT blow it this time.

This afternoon is Jake’s Easter party.  We’re having 5 kids from school and their parents over for egg dying, an Easter egg hunt and dinner.  I would have liked to have invited his whole class, but I just knew that I didn’t have that much energy at this point in the pregnancy.  So we limited it to the kids whose parents we’ve gotten to know a bit and we’ll see how it goes.  I want to do more things like this as time goes by.  It’s good for Jake and it’s good for us as well.  Somehow TJ and I have never gotten the hang of making friends with other couples and/or socializing.  It’s high time that we were more social and less insular, I think.  So here’s to a great party and new friends. 🙂

Oh, yeah, in case anyone is wondering what the belly bean’s name is…we’ve settled on Connor for the first name and the middle name is in debate.  We’ve decided that we want to honor TJ’s late grandfather, Frank.  His given name was Francis, which I think sounds fine with Connor, but TJ doesn’t like it.  He’s leaning towards Franklin for the middle name instead.  I’m not totally opposed, but think I like Francis better, though Connor may disagree as he gets older.  I’ll let you all know the full name once it’s been decided.  I really can’t wait for Connor to get here so I can meet him and hold him etc.  On the other hand, though, I’m really enjoying this pregnancy, and there’s a good chance it will be our last, so I want it to last forever.  I’m sure I’ll be eating those words come the 30th week or so when the weather is starting to get good and warm. 🙂


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