Baby Knitting

Or lack thereof…

I don’t know what it is, but I have had no urge at all to knit for this baby.  Maybe it’s b/c it’s still not totally real, although with the kicks becoming more frequent I think it’s becoming more real.  I bought the book Expectant Little Knits before I was even pregnant b/c I wanted to make things for myself as soon as I found out it was going to happen, but now that I’m pregnant nothing in it really appeals to me.  ARGH!!  I’ve gone through the baby section on Ravelry repeatedly at this point and I can’t find anything that I really want to make for this little one.

I know that I’ll bust out the crochet hook and the acrylic yarn and make a blanket or two for everyday use, but it seems like such a waste that I have all this amazing yarn and this skill to make little things but I just can’t seem to motivate to do it.  Anyone else have this problem while pregnant?  I’ve selected sock yarn for myself for the delivery.  I plan/hope to make a pair of socks to wear for each day that I’m in the hospital (which should be either 4 or 5 days) so that I’ll have something funky and fun to wear other than the hospital gown.  Besides, my feet tend to get cold.  We’ll see if I even get that done, though, as I don’t have a whole lot of knitting drive lately.  It’s completely the opposite of what I thought would happen.  I thought I’d be in knitting overdrive by now, but so far it’s just not kicking in.  We’ll see what happens…  Any baby patterns/suggestions are much appreciated at this point.  Thanks!!!


One thought on “Baby Knitting

  1. Lisa says:

    You know, I think knitting is something one does for other people’s kids. LOL! I have never knitted anything for either of my kids, but I’ve got a bunch of WIPs for other people’s little ones. Just sent out a sweater to my brand new nephew this week, as a matter of fact.

    So…do you know yet whether you’ve got a boy or a girl on the way?

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