Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Close only counts in those things, right? Definitely not in sock knitting. I was SO close to finishing the 2nd Spiral Corolis; I was almost done with the leg, leaving me with only five rows of ribbing and binding off. Happy day, I was going to be able to wear them on the plane with my slip on sandals and show them off. Not to be. Well, maybe I’ll still have them done, but this throws my knitting plans for before the trip way off. What is this, you may ask. My abject stupidity would have to be the answer. I just knit along happily, reveling in my ability to knit a pair of socks from the toe-up (or at all) and have them come out beautiful and comfortable as hell; whoever said that custom knit socks feel much better than store bought ones wasn’t just whistling Dixie. The first sock feels marvelous on my foot. Then it happened. I was getting close to the end of the leg portion of the 2nd sock and for some stupid reason I had forgotten to write down the number of rows I used from the end of the heel to where I started the ribbing. I knew basically where to stop based on where the corolis band stopped and I thought I could get out the first sock and try to count from the end of the heel on both of them and see where I was. That’s when I realized my horrible mistake. You see, using the master patterns in the New Pathways book gives you a lot of freedom in choosing things like toe, heel, cuff etc. which is a great thing. My problem, however, was that while working on the heel for sock #1 I used the sl1, k1 reinforcement only for the first part of the heel and then switched over to stockinette for the decreasing. With #2 however, I used the sl1, k1 reinforcement for the entire heel, switching back to stockinette when I started the leg. So here I am with two very different heels which make the socks look very different.
I admit that I thought about continuing on…I’m so close after all…but in the end decided that I had to fix it. So even though it broke my heart I just finished unraveling almost 2/3 of the sock. All I can say is OUCH!!!


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