Life keeps on going…

Lame title for a post, but I was kind of at a loss.  Melly is still holding on.  She’s having more and more trouble breathing, but the vet said that with death due to respiratory issues there is very rarely any pain for the animal and that there is no reason for us not to let her stay here at home with us until it’s over unless we wanted to bring her in for our convenience.  Just putting her in the box to take her to the vet has always been a trauma for her so it’s the last thing I want to do to her.  Just came back upstairs from checking on her and it seems like she’s doing worse today.  Her breathing is accentuated with little growly/purr-y sounds and she’s stopped eating and drinking completely.  So now I’m rethinking my keep her at home theory…this is really difficult, a lot more so than it was with Corky.  With Corky it was so clear that we had to do something to help him stop hurting, with Melly it’s not quite as clear.  TJ and I will have to have a long talk about this tonight and decide what is best for Melly.  At this point what’s best for me, us, whatever isn’t even an issue, I’m only concerned with making the right decision for Mel.  I’ll update as decisions are made or situations change.

The sucky ass economy has finally touched us personally.   TJ’s hours at work just got cut from 40 to 32.  It will be nice to have him at home more, but we’ll definitely feel the loss of the income.  Thank God it won’t be in a a way that effects things like where we live or heating  etc. but eating out is now a thing of the past and so is shopping etc.  That sounds really selfish, though.  There are so many people who are being effected in ways that are much worse than not being able to eat out or go shopping etc.

We did do some shopping this week – but it’s necessary shopping.   We bought a new bed.  YAY!!  Having the Sleep Number bed for the last few years has been like sleeping in hell.  I heard so many good things about it in terms of helping with back issues, and I guess that it did help my back, but it really sucked for my marriage.  We have the king sized one with the split mattress since we thought that there would be a vast difference in our “sleep numbers”.  Ironically, our numbers are almost the same.  The way the sleep number bed is set up, there is an air bladder surrounded by foam  in each of the mattresses and then there is another mattress that goes on top of the air bladder mattress.  It gives you the choice of latex foam (which is very plush and soft) or memory foam (which is a bit firmer and what I’m a sucker for).  You push the whole thing together and put a sheet over it.  Having a king sized bed was great, for a week or so.   While my back was in agony, none of the issues really reared their heads.  There was no way I was going to have sex while I couldn’t even move well on my own; even cuddling wasn’t something I wanted to do.  Once I started getting better, though, problems galore:  The only comfortable place to sleep is right in the middle of each mattress, on the air bladder part.  So there is foam and a space and more foam between me and TJ.  The space between the mattresses grows constantly and the only way for TJ and I to cuddle is for one of us to sleepin the “the crack” or to share the equivilant of a twin bed.  Neither is a viable choice, to be honest.  It really wasn’t until we went on vacation for Thanksgiving and stayed at hotels where we could actually sleep next to each other that I really realized how awful it was to have to sleep “alone” all this time.  When we got home and moved the bed to the new house, I felt so alone in bed.  We might as well have been sleeping in seperate twin beds ala Lucy and Ricky Ricardo.  So we gave in an dwent to Art Van this week and bought a new bed.  It’s a regular inner spring mattress with memory foam and latex foam in the pillow top.  We lay on it for about a half hour to make sure it was comfortable and Jake ran around the store (we were the only people in the store, so they didn’t seem to mind him).  We’re in process of picking out a bedroom set as well – we’ve lived without one since we left Lake City 2 years ago and I’m tired of it.  I want a “real” bedroom set; a real place to fold my sweaters and keep my underwear etc.  I want a “real” house.

On the knitting front:  I have three projects OTN right now (that’s not true exactly.  If you look at my WIP basket, I have A LOT Of projects OTN).  that have to be done ASAP.  The Moderne Baby Blanket is for a baby that’s going to be born tomorrow so I have to get that done as soon as I can.  I’ve also got TJ’s hat and scarf going.  All three things are time sensitive and all three things are boring as hell.  The things I HAVE to get done are all mindless knitting.  I have the Monkey socks (which were supposed to be the only thing I worked on until they were done; that went really well) but they aren’t time sensitive.  You would think that the mindless knitting would go fast since they’re mindless, but even though I don’t have to think about what I’m doing, I still have to do it and it still takes forever to do…ARGH!!!


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