Tomorrow is the very last day we can be at the blue house…Tomorrow is so soon and there are still three rooms to pack up…argh!!  This tooth-ache has really been rather inconvenient.  I’m here alone for the last night, which is kind of fitting, I guess.  Jake is at Unky’s house playing and TJ went back to the new house b/c he has to work in the morning and it’s so much closer from there.

It seems like a lot to do, but the sorting is minimal, everything just needs to be boxed up here and I’ll go through all of it when we’re back at the new house.  I’m surprised at the number of boxes that have already come out of this house and the knowledge that there will be tons more after our bedroom w/bathroom and closet, Jake’s bedroom and the craft room are emptied.  It will definitely take at least 3 van trips (one of them will just be the bed, though, b/c it takes up the entirety of the back of the van.  While TJ moves the bed, I’ll work on packing the rest of the bedroom and the bathroom/closet.  Then I can work on Jake’s room and the craft room (which is mostly done) while TJ is dropping off that load.  It will all get done if I just get off my butt and do it.  I was going to do some packing tonight, but I was watching Dr. Who on Netflix Instant Watch feature (Netflix is the death of me when I find a show I really like on there.  I do love there watch instantly option, though) and I lost track of time.  I’m not going strictly in order, I keep jumping back from the Martha year to the Rose years (I much prefer David Tennent in the role).  I’ve already watched all of the Donna year that is this season.  Okay, I’m babbling about the show again.  This is how I always am when I discover a new show that I like.  When I finally discovered that I like House (about 6 months ago) I spent all my tv time downloading and watching episodes of the show.  I have all 96 episodes available through right now.  Pity on not big on re-watching shows unless I’ve forgotten all the key elements.  Not so with House yet.  Anyway…

I’m making real progress with the A Little Twist wrist warmers.  I’m through the wrist and have started the increasing for the thumb gusset.  If I could just stay away from “computer breaks” and watch TV on the computer (which I actually prefer to watching TV even with DVR lately) and knit, I could have finished the project by now and be back on the socks.

I’ve finally decided on my first garment knit.  I’m putting it out here so I don’t change my mind again.  It’s pretty, it doesn’t look super hard, but it does look like a lot of  hard work went into it, IMO.  The Bohus-Inspired Pullover from the book Knit So Fine.  When I first saw the pattern in the book I thought it was kind of cute, but it didn’t really strike my fancy.  I took a really good look at it tonight and how the color graduating like that is achieved, simple yet effective, and decided that it would be a great first sweater.  I read through the whole pattern and it convinced me.  I’m going to have to figure out what yarn I want to use and order some in the appropriate colors.  I have a few other things on my to knit list first, though.  For example,  I think the winter wear for Jake and TJ should be first on the list of “to knit”.  In fact, once the Malabrigo arrives, those projects will trump even the Monkey Socks b/c of need and time restraints.  You can always where STR made socks, but winter only lasts for a short while and I don’t want to see all that gorgeous, soft Malabrigo locked up for the winter before it even has a chance to shine.  I still have to pick patterns for the hats and scarves for the boys.  I’m not sure if I want to do something matching or give them each completely different hats and coats.  I know that I’m going to make the hats fairly simple…no big texture or color work involved there.  When it comes to the scarves, though, I was thinking that they needed something other than a plain garter stitch or stockinette stitch scarf.  I asked TJ if it would be okay if I found a cable pattern for his scarf and he was surprisingly not just accepting, but kind of seemed to really like the idea.  I’ll find something equally nice, and warm for little Jakie’s head as well.  Since Jake’s projects will be smaller, I think I’m going to also make him some little gloves to keep his hands warm and dry for a little while.


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