Girl Insane

I finished spinning the Girl Insane roving last night.  I got it from flawfulfibers.  It’s an 80/20 blend of Merino and Tussah Silk; about 4 oz.  I think it’s going to be a heavy dk to light worsted, but we’ll see after it finishes drying.  It’s in the bathroom right now hanging over the shower rod.  I really like the way the colors blended together.  I split the roving into the light shades and the dark shades and spun singles on the middle whorl of my Sonata.  then I took the singles and rolled them into a two stranded ball for plying.  I plyed on the largest whorl for a lightly plyed yarn and I got what I was hoping for.  I just hope, now, that there is enough ply twist to hold the thing together.

After plying I skeined the yarn and soaked with some shampoo in the bathtub (our sink was full and I don’t have a bowl here that’s big enough yet) and then wrapped the skeins in a towel and had Jake jump  on it to get water out.  Then I whacked the skeins on the bathroom counter to get them to hang evenly, which they did – amazing for me.  Now I’m just waiting to find out what the wpi is.  I’m thinking with 214 yards maybe I’ll knit a hat or a skinny scarf for myself out of the yarn.  I don’t see Jake or TJ wanting  a hat/scarf made with shades of pink and purple.


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