Bob Ross, I Love You!!

Now there’s a title for a blog post…LOL.  Being sick and forced to sleep whenever I can, I’m catching a lot of TV that I wouldn’t normally pay attention to at all.  So I’m flipping channels a few weeks ago (before I was really sick, but when I couldn’t sleep) and I caught the last few minutes of “The Best of The Joy of Painting” on PBS.  I remembered the “happy trees” from my childhood; I guess I must have seen the show when it was originally run way back then…maybe before or after Sesame Street, I don’t know.

So now that I’m having tons of trouble sleeping for more than a few hours at a time; the latest drug to help me sleep that we’ve tried, Elavil, didn’t do me a whole lot of good; I’ve been DVRing and watching the daily episode of “Best of…”  I’m hooked.  There is such a calmness to Bob Ross’s voice, it’s so soothing.  He seems to be totally at peace all the time, is he on qualudes?  And the afro, what can I say about the afro…so crazy.  I love the way he makes painting those gorgeous outdoor scenes seem so easy, so effortless.  Watching him, I keep thinking, ‘I can do that’.  There is a DVD workshop set that comes with the paints that he used and instruction for a bunch of his works that I’ve thought about getting.  Even better, though, Michael’s has Bob Ross Method classes regularly.  I definitely plan to take one of those one of these days.

It’s funny, I’ve never thought of myself as a particularly artistic person, but since I picked up knitting, and more importantly spinning and dyeing, I find myself reveling in creativity.  I want to explore as many different mediums as I can.  I’ve played with digital scrapbooking and I LOVE it.  I haven’t done it in quite awhile, but I have disks and disks of digital elements and backgrounds etc.  Now that I’ve written about it, I’ll probably find myself drawn back in for awhile.  I’ve never actually paper scrapbooked, but I have boxes of paper, stickers, elements and some tools; more than enough to get started and make several albums.  I have no pens, though.  Odd, that I forgot that after buying all the rest of the stuff.  As you all can see, I get obsessed with crafts and then frustrated when I’m not good at them from the get go.  I’ve dabbled with embroidery and cross stitch (I have a cross stitch project that I have to finish for TJ’s family.  His Uncle’s 2nd wife passed away early this year and she was an avid cross stitcher, they’ve asked me to finish the cross stitch she was working on when she passed.  What a great honor to have them have so much faith in me.  It’s VERY slow going, though, b/c I want to do it justice, I want it to be absolutely perfect).  The one needle art that I haven’t tried, but will eventually, is needle punch.  That looks like a lot of fun and fairly simple.

Sleep is still eluding me, but it’s giving me a lot of time for working on the X-mas scarves.  I was working on the one for my MIL and I realized something:  I’ve been using the chart for the first three or four repeats of the scarf, in fact I’ve been using charts rather than writeen directions ever since I learned how to read a chart, but last night, the way I was sitting made it difficult to read the chart.  Being lazy and tired, I started using the written directions instead of reorganizing all the things I had around me – being bed-bound is really annoying at times – and I got through the row much more quickly.  I think that I learn by reading much better than I do visually.  For some reason, when I read the charts, I don’t see the bigger picture, which is kind of funny.  For example, when I read (p3, k5) 3 times it’s simple for me to know what to do with the next 24 stitches, when I see the same thing on a chart, I take each part as a single entitiy: e.g. p3 then look at the chart, k5, look back at the chart etc.  I don’t know why I can’t see that it’s a repeat and take it as such from a chart.  Oh well, at least I can work with a pattern that has no written directions and follow the chart even if it does make me work slower.  I’d kill for written patterns for some of the mystery KAL’s that I’ve done.  I’m obsessed with mystery KAL’s.  I’ll actually finish one one day, I swear it!!  LOL


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