I got my whee-eel, I got my whee-eel

Imagine a sing-songy voice when reading the title.

I finally have my spinning wheel.  She’s an absolutely gorgeous Kromski Sonata named Penelope.  Shannon and I went to The Spinning Loft last Wednesday to look at wheels for me.  It was a great day – I hadn’t seen her since I left for CA and I missed my favorite spinning/knitting buddy – the weather was perfect for a long car ride and Beth’s shop was amazing.  Beth (the owner of The Spinning Loft) was patient and very helpful.  She brought me about a million different wheels (the number may be a bit lower in reality) to try and told me to just treadle them and that would tell me if I liked the wheel or not.  I have to admit I was skeptical; it didn’t seem like less than a minute of pushing foot pedals would really tell me anything significant about how I felt about the wheel, but boy was I ever wrong.  I quickly narrowed it down to four wheels (Louet’s Julia, Ashford’s Joy and Kromski’s Sonata and Minstrel)  The Joy was the first to be eliminated as it was an as-is wheel with no possible add-ons for later as I got more advanced in spinning.  Next the Julia went b/c I really did like the way the Kromski wheels felt more, but also, I have to admit, b/c I couldn’t get the Julia right away and it definitely wasn’t a travel wheel.  Once I was down to the Sonata and the Minstrel it was more difficult to choose.  The treadling felt virtually identical on both wheels.  So Beth grabbed some awesome purple Corridale wool and I spun on both of them.  In the end, the Sonata won and Penelope (I named her Olivia at the store, but it just didn’t stick in my mind) became my new spinning friend.  The final decision involved that fact that the Sonata was a folding travel wheel and b/c there were more options for adding on later with it.  I loved both of them and could definitely see myself getting a Minstrel later on.  I’m pretty sure at this point, though, that my next wheel will be the Louet Julia.  Look at me, barely knowing how to use the Sonata and already choosing my next wheel.  This is addictive.  It’s crack for the spinner/knitter’s soul. LOL

We picked up Penelope on Monday on our way down to the Detroit area.  We visited Rusty and Shannon and Jake got to play with their adorable daughter Alex.  She’s a perfect cross between her mother and father looks-wise and I just couldn’t get enough of her.  I really want to have a little girl!  While we were there Jake got the most massive bloody nose I’ve ever seen.  If it wasn’t for the fact that he was totally calm and clearly not in any pain I would have thought he had smashed his face into something.  It went away pretty quickly, but it was still a horror for me while it was going on.  I managed to keep it together and not freak out, though, b/c I was afraid that would just scare and upset him.  After we left, we went to Dad’s to spend the night.  Jake was so thrilled to see his Papa and Papa was thrilled to see him.  After TJ and Jake both went to bed, I sat up until the early morning spinning and talking to Dad.  He was very intrigued by the wheel and how it spun.  The next morning we got up and Jake watched The Bee Movie twice and then we packed up and headed home.

It’s been a pretty uneventful week here at Casa Dwire.  I was supposed to (and really wanted to) go to Shannon’s to spin on Friday, but TJ took my car while I was sleeping (of course, he leaves at 5 am) b/c he didn’t want to ride the motorcycle b/c it was supposed to rain, which it didn’t.  So no spinning for me.  Hopefully I’ll have a chance to get together with her this week as Jake will be up north with his “Unkie” and “Kay” all week.

Time for me to go to bed.  Hope all of you are having a great night.  Talk at  you soon!


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