101 in 1001

While reading from my bloglines last night, I got a treat; there was a post from Eliza    (aka  Miss Violet from Lime n Violet).  I enjoy her posts very much, but they are rather rare at the moment.  So this was cool.  It turned out to be a list of 101 things that she wants to accomplish (personally) in the next 1001 days (about 2.75 years).  What a great idea.  I”m a big list maker, unfortunately I’m not a big finisher.  Maybe one of my goals should be to get through my goals…LOL

So I’m putting this out there so that I’m more accountable to finishing it.  I don’t have it done yet, hell, I don’t even have it started, but I was so excited about this that I wanted to post immediately.


One thought on “101 in 1001

  1. I recently discovered listography.com. You can browse other peoples’ lists without having to register at their site. It might spur you to add things to your own list!

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