Beat the repeat and other adventures

I finally beat the lace repeat from hell!!!  I swear the thing was trying to drive me insane.  I’ve been cruising along on the BJLL shawl and then I got to repeat number 12 (you would think it would have been #13 that was unlucky…lol).  For some reason, I just couldn’t get through this repeat.  Something went wrong with one of the 8 rows of it 4 different times.  Good thing I moved the repeat at the beginning of each repeat, so I only had to rip back 8 rows or less each time.  I just kept having to go back to the beginning of the repeat and I was getting more and more frustrated with it.  After three days of trying,  though, I finally got through it the other night.  I let out such a whoop of joy, I startled the cat who jumped up and then fell off the bed.

Last night was my first Zombie Prom Date Knitters without Andrea with me; my first knitting anything without her.  I still didn’t have to drive, though.  Shannon was kind enough to pick me up and drive me to Water Street and then TJ and little man picked me up.  I really do have to start driving, but the snow makes me really paranoid about driving.  Give me a nice, clear, warmish day and I’ll be all over it!!

Got more yarn in the mail yesterday:  some kidsilk spray (yummy) and some hand-dyed rayon/silk in pretty pink shades.  Will photo and put up later or tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Beat the repeat and other adventures

  1. shannwa says:

    I love the hitchhiking. It makes it more fun. I can sit back and relax that way. Besides, this is not so cool but, I get a little wiggy about driving in general, and driving in the snow is just scary to the nth degree to me.
    I loved being there, btw. I plan to be a good little zombie hunter, though, and show up much more often. It’s something I look forward to every week. A bunch of cool, knitting – and zombie fighting – chicks just chilling out (get it, chilling, it’s winter – big dorky laugh inserted here) and shooting the shit. Much better than wrangling the cat torturing kid. 🙂

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