Turkey Day recap…

Thanksgiving is over and we’re back home.  It seems like the holidays go by faster and faster every year.  This year’s trip to Detroit, which I have to admit I was rather dreading, turned out to be one of the best that we’ve had in years.

Weds:  We left Kalamazoo around 4:30 (later than planned) b/c I was in bed much of the day with a splitting headache and some back pain.  The ride down was uneventful if long and tedious.  There were at least 3 accidents/slow downs on I-94 between Kalamazoo and the exit for I-69 which is basically Lansing (I think).  TJ made the executive decision to get off there and take I-96 instead.  2 more accidents were found.  People had apparently completely forgotten how to drive in the rain.  What should have been a 2 hour ride turned out to be about 3 and a half.  We got to Dad’s and unloaded then got ready to go to the bar.  Little did I realize that the night before Thanksgiving is the biggest bar night of the year.  I guess I really am very much out of touch.  The bar, Shots, used to be a little hole in the wall where Bubba and friends were the only people who were there regularly.  I was expecting a quiet night of drinking, playing pool and/or darts and catching up with old friends.  What I got was a VERY crowded bar (well over capacity) and not being able to spend any time at all with friends b/c of the crowds.  Andrea and I spent most of the evening sitting at a table in the back of the bar; it was less smoky and, more importantly, if we had gotten up we’d have lost the table.  TJ ran into Eds Sr. and Jr. so he was all set.  I did see Robin Young (who is pregnant with baby #4) and Jackie Poulette (who I haven’t seen in at least 7 or 8 years) so that was kind of cool.  Sean and I didn’t say two words to each other all night, how odd.  I suppose, though, that I was the one who was being cold.  He hasn’t returned phone calls, though, so why would I think he’d want to talk in person?  I don’t regret it, but I hope that he doesn’t think that I don’t want anything to do with him.  Friendships become so complicated when there is a jealous significant other in the picture.  It was really much too late a night for me, I’m not used to closing down bars anymore…LOL

Thursday:  Woke up hungover (I only had a drink and a half for Pete’s sake) but it didn’t last long.  We spent part of the day just sitting around Dad’s house.  It was a nice little relaxing day.  Went to Mom’s house for a pre-dinner drink and to visit.  Jake didn’t want to leave for dinner b/c his Thomas the Tank Engine set was there, but we got around that fit by taking it with us to Aunt Nancy’s.  Dinner at Aunt Nancy’s was divine!!   Small group of people, delectable food, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  We were back at Dad’s early and stuffed and in bed by 10:30 with Jacob.

Friday:  A day for relaxing.  Got up and lolled around Dad’s house through early afternoon.  Got some work done on my Circular Shrug – I really think I’m going to like this pattern (or at least the yarn; it’s my first time using the Silver Thaw).  It really is such a simple shawl.  I wanted to get work done on the Blue Jean Leaf Lace Shawl, but it’s the kind of pattern that you need to concentrate on and can’t sit and have conversation and watch Jacob while working on.  In the afternoon we went back to TJ’s mother’s house and had a second turkey dinner and just hung out for awhile.  Jake loves going there; there are so many toys for him and he knows exactly where that toy box is.  After leaving Mom’s, we went to Rusty and Shannon’s house.  Their daughter Alexandria is 16 months and she’s just the cutest thing.  I want to make her something, I just haven’t decided what yet.  Suggestions are welcome.  She’s a bit of a tom boy and she’s definitely a bigger toddler.  She’s already almost 25 lbs while Jake (who is admittedly smaller) is only 30 lbs.  Rusty’s brother Ed and sister Renee came over as well.  She brought her five year old, Jason, who Jake loved playing with.  I really do wish that he had the chance to grow up with his “cousins” as it were.  Finally Jimmy and Stacy Jean showed up with their son, Griffin who is an adorable, if somewhat timid two year old.  Stacy is also about 4 months pregnant with number 2 and she looks so damn cute with that little belly.  I can’t wait to be pregnant again.  Maybe soon…fingers crossed.  We stayed out there for a few hours, went back to Dad’s house and watched National Treasure (great movie, btw) and went to bed.

Saturday:  Got up at 8:30 and sat around for about an hour.  We packed up, got on the road and both Jake and I promptly fell asleep for the entire ride home.  We went shopping and spent the evening at home.  Nothing overly exciting, but it’s my life and I like it that way.

Now I’m just getting back into the swing of things…like I’ve been gone for months…lol.  It’s going to take Jake a few days to adjust, it always does when his schedule gets turned around.  I’m just waiting for Zombie Prom Date day…:)


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