No longer a virgin…spinning wheel virgin, that is…

LOL I can’t imagine how many people will inadvertently  end up here after searching. I have the feeling some people are going to be disappointed.  Boy my number of page views is going to go through the roof, though…LOL

So I got to spin on a wheel for the first time last night.  How fun was that?!?!  I’m obviously not great at it, but it was great. I love to spin on a spindle, but I think I like the wheel even better.  Shannon and Em came over last night and Nan and I had such a good time!  I can’t wait to go to the next knit night…I’m really hoping that Nan and I can make it to the spinning guild meeting next week.  I’ve found that knitting with a group is so much more fun that knitting alone.

I reconnected with an old friend this week.  I love when that happens.  Nan needs a guy who is a real person, someone who isn’t there just for sex.  She saw Bubba’s picture on MySpace, said he was cute and I dropped him an email.  He called, they talked and we’re going down to Detroit in a few weeks so she can meet him.  How fun.  I’ll get to see some old friends and she’ll meet a new guy.  I really hope they hit it off.  He’s a great guy, she’s a great girl and they both deserve to meet someone great!!!  I hope this doesn’t end up being a hot mess.  I just love that turn of phrase, although I’m not sure what it means…LOL


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