First Knit Night

Hello all my little pretties…LOL  I attended my first knit night tonight at Barnes and Noble in Battle Creek.  What a blast it was!!!  I’d been planning to go for a few months now and for one reason or another I’ve always missed the night.  Tonight, TJ watched Jake so Nan and I could go together.  It was enlightening; I learned things, I met people and I had a really good time.  It’s been so long since I’ve gone out and done something social and I’m proud of myself!!

The best part of the night, other than the camaraderie, was actually learning to spin.  YAY!!!   Shannon, how odd is it that my spinning mentor/new friend also has my name (I guess I have hers since she’s older…LOL), taught me to spin with a spindle that she made (check out her selection in her etsy shop, she does amazing work.) after telling me that a part of the problem I’ve been having is that the spindle that I’ve been using is made with a toy wheel for the whorl which is generally not a good choice for a useful spindle.  This spindle is not only gorgeous (picture to come once we find the digital camera.  Who loses their digital camera in their house?!?!) but it spins like a dream.  Huge difference between it and my old one.  The old ones are pretty, though, so they will become display pieces; I don’t like to waste pretty things.  I immediately fell in love with the spindle and asked her how much for it.  What did she say?  “Keep it.”  Can I tell you I love this chick?!  It was such a sweet gesture to someone she just met and it’s a most useful gift.  Her spindles are so light that they spin beautifully.  Tonight I spun both the wool that I brought as well as some very soft, very light merino/silk that she was working on and I was amazed with the ease that I picked the skills up with after struggling so long.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have a LONG way to go:  I tend to spin in different directions and I have a problem with letting the twist go up into the roving as well as matting it as I draft, but I’ll get the hang of it.  Really, you should check out her store if you’re in the market for a spindle, they rock.

I’m thinking very strongly about joining the South Central Knitting Guild now as well.  Most of the people there tonight were from the guild, so it was an easy choice.  I liked everyone and had a great time, why not get together with them twice a month instead of just once?  I also think that Nan might have been talked into trying to learn to knit, maybe.  She also seems to be interested in learning to spin.  I knew I’d “get” her sooner or later.  Crochet was just the gateway drug; knitting is the hard stuff.

Night y’all, I’m off to spin me some purple and green yarn!!!


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