Tripping down the Garden Path and walking through the garden

Have I mentioned lately that I hate it when I screw up?!?! I made it to row 30 of the Garden Path Shawl; it was a big accomplishment for me. I was looking at it, and to my horror I realized that I had made a mistake way back in the first row of the chart. OUCH!!! I knew there had been a few problems with the chart; I took a few shortcuts, I admit it, and just did a make 1 when the number of stitches didn’t line up. It seemed to fix the problem, but I know that I should have known that the quick fix is never the right one. If I had been diligent from the beginning, this wouldn’t have happened. 😦 I just finished frogging 28 rows of TGP shawl, and I’m going to take everything I’ve learned into account and rock this shawl the second time around. I actually did manage to figure out why I kept finding my count off on the second RS row of each stitch count group: I kept forgetting the Y.O. at the end of each repeat – that’s the one stitch, I think, that I could skip and still have it seem like the count was coming out right until I got to the end of the next RS row where I would end up being short a stitch. I really wish I had figured this out long before now, but at least I’m on the right track. All I can say is thank God for the life line or I would have had to start over from the beginning.

I’ve already learned a lot from this experience:

  • I really do like working with lace. It’s a challenge and it makes you stay on your toes.
  • There is a lot of instant gratification in lace knitting. You can see the pattern emerging and it makes me want to keep going even when I’m tired or have something else that I ought to be doing (dangerous…LOL)
  • check and recheck and then recheck again, your Y.O’s against the chart. Use the return, WS, row to check the count for each section

I’m still on my “perfect little housewife” kick. I’ve been reveling in how clean this house is. I can’t get enough of it. Anyone who’s known me for any length of time knows what a total slob I’ve always been. I’ve always thrived in chaos and even just total messiness. Are you reading this D?!?! 🙂 Unfortunately, TJ happens to be the same way; not involved with the way that the house looks, at least not to the point where he’s willing to do anything about it. I don’t know what it is that’s changed inside me, but I fully intend to find a way to hold onto it b/c it makes me feel happy, it makes me feel useful and it makes me feel like anything is possible. I made us dinner tonight. The crazy thing is that he offered to take me to Outback (my favorite restaurant at the moment) for a steak dinner, but I declined and said that I would rather cook a meal at home and have a quiet evening. What’s happening to me?!?! I made spaghetti with sauce from scratch, baked a loaf of beer bread (recipe here) also from scratch as well as garlic crescent rolls, which I admit I burned a bit, and one of those everything in the box desserts in the Apple Crisp flavor. He seemed to enjoy it all, but didn’t eat dessert. It was a really nice evening. After dinner we went to Hobby Lobby, for him not me this time, to get paint for his airbrush gun. He’s been so eager to use it since he got it. I have the feeling our walls are in for some “updating”. I love seeing him this excited about something that’s a leisure time activity rather than something work related. I picked up some of those glass bead things that you put in vases and such. I want to put it in our triangular vase and then store my straight knitting needles in there – decorative and functional all at the same time.

I’ve discovered another new passion (or at least possible passion; we’ll see next spring) in gardening. I went out to the garden on whim today to pick the tomatoes that were ready. We never got around to using the”tomato cages” to jeep the plants upright and now I completely understand why they are needed. They are huge and heavy and after the storms and the high winds that we had last week, they just couldn’t stay upright anymore. They are fallen over and lying in a tangled heap all over the edge of the garden. I picked up a few of the stalks to pick a tomato from it and most of them just snapped right off in my hand. It’s time for us to pull those plants completely out of the ground, I think. There’s no way that the tomatoes left on the vine are going to ripen laying on the ground, covered with the rest of the plant. We’ve got three GREAT pumpkins!! One is already off the vine; when TJ tried to turn it, the stem snapped off. It’s sitting on the back lawn to “cure” for the next 10 days and then it will be off to the basement (dark, dry and cool) until it’s time for carving the big guy up. I’m so excited about carving pumpkins this year b/c they’re ours. I really wasn’t prepared for pumpkin growing; I didn’t realize just how out of control those vines were going to become. They took over the garden! We only got two watermelons b/c the pumpkins choked them and the squash is buried alive under the pumpkin vines somewhere, not that the squash vines didn’t go crazy as well. I love vine plants. I have such big plans for next year’s garden. Right now, though, it’s time to think about bulb plants. Garlic and Onion, Lilies and Tulips, here I come. I have never planted a bulb before, hell, I’ve never really planted anything before. This garden was TJ’s baby. Still is, but I’m horning in a bit. It’s inexplicable. I got online to find out when we should pluck the pumpkins and a gardening obsession was born. LOL I’m going to go research how to deal with bulbs now.

Have a great night, y’all.


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