I Rock…

Okay maybe it’s actually the Garden Shawl pattern, but still. ..Without me it would just be a pattern.  Full of myself tonight, huh?!?!  LOL  Seriously, though, this is truly a wonderfully written pattern, which was a huge relief after that disaster that I made of Rambling Leaves.  Both of these patterns can be found in the free patterns section of Elann’s website.  I’m all about the free patterns.  I’m into the chart part now and have gotten through about 10 rows of the chart.  It’s very easy to read, very intuitive and I love the way it’s looking!!

In other news, I’m going to have some free time for knitting; Jake is staying up North with  “Unkie and Kay”.  I managed to hurt myself last night; my ribs, shoulder, ankle, upper arm and forehead all have bruises and/or swelling.  How did I manage this, you ask.  I’m truly just a glutton for punishment.  I was home alone and I decided that it was depressing and I should beat the hell out of myself…LOL Actually, it’s as simple as I’m really just a really big klutz that shouldn’t use the upstairs bathroom after taking my Klonopin to help me use the sleep apnea mask without freaking out.  I’m okay, nothing broken, but I’m sore and I look a little like I got into a bar room brawl.  TJ’s dad joked that it’s a good thing he was FAR away up north with witnesses when it happened.  Yeah, like anyone who’s ever met TJ would think for even one second that he would capable of hitting me.  NOT!!!

So I’m camped out on the chaise in the living room with the laptop, my knitting and my Ipod watching TV and feeling sorry for myself.  After starting this big cleaning and redecorating event, I want to finish it.  I did straighten up the kitchen a bit tonight, but it hurt like hell.  I was also going to bite the pain bullet and make some spaghetti; I had a massive craving.  I got everything out, started the water to boil for the pasta and then discovered that the ground beef was not good.  It was brown instead of red (which I know is just oxidation, not necessarily anything bad) and the sell by date was over a week ago.  It probably would have been fine, but I’ve had food poisoning before and I’m not willing to take that chance again.  So trusty, and quick, oatmeal it is.  I have such an exciting life, folks, I don’t know how you can stand reading about all the action around here.  I’m just full of sarcasm and bad jokes tonight, huh?

Seriously, I’m thrilled that Garden Path is coming together so nicely and that I seem to actually “get it”.  There  may be hope for me yet…

Night Y’all


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