The Fall of the House of Dwire

Jacob is sick. My poor little guy hasn’t really been sick much at all in his life, so he has no clue what’s going on. The few times he’s been sick it’s been mostly stomach related, so he knows about throwing up. This is the first time he’s really had a stuffed up nose and cough; he did have a stuffed up nose/cough once when he was about 5 months old, but he clearly doesn’t remember that. He doesn’t get that he can’t use his foo-foo (pacifier) when he can’t breathe through his nose; it just doesn’t work.

TJ is finally starting to feel a little better after his week on antibiotics.  I feel like I might be starting to get sick, too.  We’re falling apart here in Kalamazoo…LOL

Last night he woke up over and over again, crying and moaning b/c he thought he had something in his nose.  Of course there wasn’t much I could do about it.  We got him some PediaCare today and that seems to be helping him to some extent.  He’s sleeping now, if somewhat restlessly.  I hope he’s feeling better soon; it just breaks my heart to see him desperately trying to pick whatever it is that’s keeping his nose plugged, when there is nothing there for him to pick.

On the knitting front, I’m making good progress with the scarf for my swap partner.  I had to rip it back to fix stitches that were wrong.  It was scary to purposely rip back those stitches being that it’s lace I’m working with.  I managed to pull those stitches back (it turned out to be four stitches; two on each side; in total) and turn them around and then work the stitches back up to the top.  Kind of a new skill for me.  I contemplated just frogging the whole thing and starting over, but I’m into the second repeat (not far for most, but this is my first lace project) and I don’t want to start over.  I’ve discovered something interesting about my taste in needles from this.  I’ve always thought I hated the “old fashioned” aluminum needles.  I mostly use bamboo or my Denise Interchangeable set.  In this case, though, the bamboo needles were annoying so I ripped it out and I started over with the old needles.  I love them!!  I love the noise they make when I knit, I love the feel of them in my hands – much more substantial, I also love the way the yarn slides on the needles.  I think I need to get me a set of Knit Picks Options to replace or at least to go with my Denise set.  Unfortunately, I have a very small store of aluminum needles; I gave them away when I got my first bamboo set. I’m going to have to replace them now…:)


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