New skills and a bag of “sticks”

I love the feeling of learning something new and actually “getting it”.  I’ve played with the idea of  2 circs for doing small circular pieces rather than using dpn’s in the past, and I’ve even managed, while reading directions step by step to actually eek out a small tube.  This time, though, something just clicked for me.  I used this site, both times actually, and I don’t know what was different now, maybe I just have a lot more experience now or something, but  it just made sense to me.  I knit a small (6 rounds or so) tube to make sure I had it down, bound off and voila! a tube.  There was a little bit of laddering at one of the seams (the beginning edge) but not too bad and the other seam was invisible.  I don’t hate dpn’s, I actually kind of like them, but not for socks.  I’m still so unsure about socks.

I was planning to take a sock knitting class at my LYS, so I haven’t been playing with socks at all.  I decided that I wanted to learn with no preconceived ideas so that I would learn correctly.  Plans change though.  I got a call from Threadbare, LYS in Lansing, that the classes with Annie Modesitt I wanted to take had spaces opened up.  Can we all say SQUEE?!?!?  So I’m dropping the sock class to take the combination knitting and color work classes with Annie.  She is so my knitting hero (one of them anyway); the only thing I can think of that would compare would be a class with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee or Vickie Howell.  I’m still hopeful about those possibilities one day as well.    The classes are next weekend and I just can’t wait to meet her.

Honestly, though, the 2 circ method won’t be doing me any good anytime soon.  I have have have to get the X-mas knitting done.  Patterns have been chosen (haven’t I said this before?) for sure; TJ sat down with me with the yarn choices I have and the pattern book and helped me pick and write down who was getting what with what yarn.  I still have to buy the yarn for one of the choices though; Threadbare here I come…LOL  I’m not going to name names re: who’s getting what, not that any of the recipients would look up the patterns, they’re not like that, but still… One of the giftees is getting the Trellis and Vine shawl/wide scarf in ?? (this is the one I’m not sure of the yarn yet) and the Falling Water scarf in Peruvian Baby Silk.   The other recipient is getting the Rambling Leaves Shawl, also in Baby Silk and the Branching Out scarf; I don’t have a yarn chosen for this yet either.   There are other gifts that I’ll be making but those are the big ones.  As soon as I’ve got that stuff done, though, I’m going to be all about the socks on circs and the Magic Loop method of knitting.

I’m so far behind on my email (talk about no segue way at all).  I’ve stayed away from anything and everything not completely related to knitting on line since the new Harry Potter book came out.  I’m not taking any chances at all on being spoiled with any aspect of this book.  I really hope nothing hugely important is there.  I’m around 300 pages in and I’m LOVING this book. I’m just so sad that I’m going to be done with the series after this.  SOB!!!  I want to read like 10 pages a day so that it will last longer but it’s much too good for that.  The 300 pages is 2 days of reading.  I have the feeling I’ve got about a day and half left.  😦

The bag of sticks is all about the dum-dum suckers.  Jacob is in love with them since he was given one at the bank.  He calls them sticks and he’s asking for them all the time.  The look of joy on his face when he gets one and discovers that it’s a flavor he hasn’t had before is worth the sugar rush he gets and the ensuing running about like a mad man.  It’s always so great to see joy spread slowly over that handsome little face.


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