Sleep Study #3

It feels like this is all I do lately.  I had my third and, hopefully, final sleep study last night.  They called me yesterday afternoon and told me that the CPAP wasn’t going to work b/c I have “complex sleep apnea”, how like me is it to have something  “complex” about even sleep apnea?  So, with CSA, you have both obstructive and central sleep apnea and while the CPAP is great for obstructive, it complicates central.  So I had to have a different type of machine last night, this one is a “smart machine”.  It’s called ASV and I can’t remember what it stands for, but it keeps track of my breathing and adjusts based on what I need, basically breathing for me when I stop.  I’m not sure how well it will work, though, b/c the bed hurt my back something fierce (too firm) and so I woke up a bit in pain.  I’m hoping when they call me next week, though, that they will have good news for me.  I was at the sleep study center instead of the hotel, and it was actually really nice.  The tech rocked and fo rthe first time I wasn’t put to sleep at 10 pm.  She let me stay up as late as I wanted (11:30).  Not a bad experience all in all.

I got quite a bit of work done on Fifi last night.  I’m finished row 15 and everything is looking good.  I had to readjust a few things and move a few markers around, but it all seems to have worked out without screwing up the pattern.  I’m really enjoying this knit.  I was hopoing to work on the RCC right after this, but I’m afraid that if I don’t have the time.  If I don’t start the X-mas knitting by mid-August (say my birthday, the 16th), I won’t have them done in time.  So it’s to be X-mas knitting for the rest of summer and all of Fall.  I’ll have to stop looking at new patterns for awhile, or I’ll end up with a queue longer than I can ever finish…LOL


2 thoughts on “Sleep Study #3

  1. Dorothy in Salem OR says:

    I can relate to both your tiredness and your reaction to the sleep study experience. I think I had the worst sleep of my life in the sleep lab. I have obstructive sleep apnea, so in that way I guess I am lucky. I use a BiPAP machine, which does not keep continuous pressure going when you are exhaling, so if feels much less suffocating. Sounds like it is somewhere in between CPAP and ASV. I can say though that now I wouldn’t go through a night without my machine. I actually sleep through the night and I am not exhausted during the day. I think there is hope!

    In terms of RCC–has anyone figured out how much yarn to order for just the corset?

  2. shannwa says:

    I’m not having a lot of luck with the machine to be honest. I’d love to say that I’m using it every night like I’m supposed to and that I’m feeling much better, but it wouldn’t be true. I do wear it sometimes, but it still freaks me out (not as much as before, but enough so that i have to be ready to drop right off to sleep in order to put it on) now that I’m a little better about that, I’m realizing that I take it off during the night b/c it makes me sweat and itch etc. I’ll keep working on it, though.

    As for the RCC, I’m not totally sure what the yardage is for it as a corset, but I have 8 or10 hanks of the Noro Hana Silk to use for mine. Unfortunately this project is on hold until after I finish with my X-mas presents which are not going as quickly as I’ve been hoping for.

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