Magic Loop, I love you!!

Is that weird?  To love a knitting technique.  I don’t think so.  It’s something that I’ve been thinking about trying for awhile, but I’ve been afraid to.  I haven’t mastered the 2 circs. technique, and I thought that it would make Magic Loop even harder for me to do.  Not so bad, though.  I didn’t do a great job with it, of course, but it didn’t bite me in the ass, either.  there is something magical about it, too.  It’s a little complicated to remember which thing to pull and which to use, but I know I’ll get the hang of it.  I have a felted bowl that’s been on hold forever b/c I didn’t have the right size DPN for the project, but now that I can use the ML technique, I can finally finish and felt it.  I’m especially happy b/c i also have patterns for felted baskets and bowls and I know they all will need small circumference knitting and while I don’t mind the dpn’s, I’d rather avoid them when possible.  I can’t seem to eliminate the ladders no matter how hard I try.  I think, thanks to Ravelry’s groups and the Magic Loop group in particular, I’ve given in and am ready to give up the DPN’s and the straights and use only my circulars.  They are much easier to wrangle and they don’t get lost as easily and as much as I love my bamboo straights, they are all a bit warped at this point.  Besides, there’s a kit out there with bamboo circulars; I already have plastic (Denise Interchangeable)   and metal (Boye Needlemaster) and I’m about to order the Options set which is nickle plated.  I have every set available…LOL

Fifi is back on track.  I’m about to start the increases again.  It’s taken forever and a lot of heartache to get this far, but I’m confident that it will go well now.  We’ll see, I guess.

Still no word from the medical supply people.  I WANT MY CPAP NOW!!! I’m so fucking tired all the time, it’s killing me.  I sleep far too much and never feel rested at all.  ARGH.  This can’t happen soon enough for me.

On a funny note, today I was sitting on the bed, Raveling (is that the right term?) and Jacob looks at me and says “You stay right here, I be right back,” he goes to the door, opens it, looks back at me and says “Now you behave”.  He had the sternest look on his face when he said that; he was mimicing me telling him that when I leave him alone in the bedroom for a few minutes.  If only only could have seen his face, it was so serious. LOL

Night Y’all


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