I’m not lazy, just really tired…

I got the results of my sleep study today. Turns out I do have sleep apnea, a fairly serious case at that. During the night of my sleep study, I stopped breathing an average of 23 time per hour. Horrifying. My oxygenation level drops to about 80% which didn’t sound so bad to me, but apparently isn’t good at all. I go in tomorrow night for another sleep study; this one with the CPAP on. The goal is to find the setting and machine that work best to keep me from having these problems. Apparently, the reason I wake up as much as I do during the night is the apnea; it’s my body’s way of keeping me safe from the lack of oxygen. I tend, apparently, to wake up at least briefly 4 or 5 times a night; no wonder I’m tired all the freaking time, I get no real deep sleep at all. Hopefully this CPAP thing will change my life, or at least make me feel slightly more rested.

It’s been fun having Nan here. Jake has really enjoyed having her here; they’ve rebonded in a way that is just so cute to watch. He’s hugging and kissing her and going to her as easily as he used to. I think that makes her very happy, it makes me happy. TJ will be taking her back up north tomorrow night. I’m sad; this visit was much too short!! We’re having a really good time. Tomorrow afternoon we’re going to take Jake to see Shrek 3 (his first theater movie) and then out for ice cream. Yummy fun!

Fifi is coming along nicely. I got through the first 7 1/2 rounds last night. It’s not a lot, but I feel rather accomplished. When I first picked it up, I thought that I had lost stitches somehow and was going to have to frog it and start over, that would not have made my day. I got it figured out and back to work. I had a bit of a “moment” when I got to the first increase row that told me to increase and “work in established pattern” around. I wasn’t sure what that meant in terms of the purls at the beginning of every section. I figured it out, though. I’m on the cabling part, 1st round, and couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do it without a cable needle no matter how many times I read the pattern, so I decided to just go ahead and use the cable needle. Even that is a new experience for me, though. A rather tedious experience, I must admit. So far I’m really enjoying working on this pattern and I’m going to have a few hours tomorrow night to work on it at the sleep study and then a few nights at home while TJ is gone up north (without me again). I’m hoping to get a lot done b/c I really need to start on the lace shawls and scarves for X-mas before too long. I still plan to do the Red Carpet Convertible pattern as well, but probably not as a KAL – not enough time for that.

Off to bed. Night y’all.


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