Why are we all so tired?

This is one of those nights/evenings.  It’s 7:30 pm and TJ is already in bed, already asleep with the help of one of  my Ambien (he hasn’t been sleeping at night even when he goes to bed really early so I gave him an Ambien) and we’ll see if he finally gets a good night’s sleep.  Jacob is in bed watching a movie and I’m doing everything I can to keep him awake – hello fruit snacks and chocolate milk.  He keeps saying he wants to go to sleep, and he skipped his nap today, but I fear that he’ll be up at 5 am and raring to go if I let him go to bed for the night now.  I’m tired myself and wouldn’t mind going to sleep, but I think it would throw everything off if I let myself fall asleep at 7:30.  I don’t see anyone here making it much past 10, though.

I didn’t go to Lake City, as you can tell, to get Nan.  We’re going tomorrow instead.  Unkie has a mud bog thing he wants to take jake to, so we need to try to get there before noon.  Anyone wanna guess on the odds of that happening?  LOL

I started casting Fifi on yesterday.  Fell asleep while doing it.  LOL  I guess I was really tired.  I’m really excited about this project and I want to make progress on it, it just never seems to happen.  I got my new Calmer in the mail today.  Funny thing…the Chiffon and the Vintage are almost exactly the same color.  I have to hold them together in really bright natural light to tell the difference between them. UGH!  I’m glad, now, that I didn’t get Lucky as well.  Not to sure about the colors of calmer at this point…

OMG..why am I so tired?!?!  I’m actually fighting to stay awake here…Yuck.  Okay, tables have turned, now I’m fighting to stay awake (I’ve drifted off twice while writing this).

New goal for Fifi tonight (since I’m fighting to stay awake in the first place) is first 5 rows done.  Not a lot, I know, but I’m hoping that me getting a few rows done, meeting a goal, will make me even more determined to get this done.  I’m going to meet one of these goals one day. 😛


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