The Boys Are Back In Town…

My boys are on their way home. They should be here in 15 minutes or so. I should be straightening up the house in preparation for their return, but I’m here blogging instead. I’ve missed my little one so much!!! I’ve missed TJ too, of course, but it’s not like missing my baby. **Edited** Now they’re here, and Jake’s face is filthy, of course, but he’s so happy to see me, maybe as happy as I am to see him!! He’s come back with a new movie obsession: The Nightmare Before X-Mas. Can I just say “UGH”!!! I just plain don’t like the movie. I’ll get used to it, though.

Tomorrow Jake and I will be heading back up north. We’re picking up Nan and bringing her back down here. Lots of time in the car, but it will be totally worth it. I’ll get the chance to spend time with her and to watch soaps with someone else etc. I WILL NOT take advantage of her being here, though, and be lazy. I will not let her take care of Jacob while I laze around. I’m not that person anymore; I’m not hurt either. Well, not to any serious degree. My back is still injured, of course, but I have it under control – the pain, that is.

I figured Fifi out, I think. Well, I checked the responses to my question on SKC and didn’t find anything that says I HAVE to knit it in the round. I re: swatched it on the US. 8’s and it worked out much better.  My stitch gauge is dead on with the size 8’s and the row gauge is closer.  I’m down to 34 rows for 4 inches.  It’s still off from the 28 that I’m supposed to get, but  I’m thinking that I’m going to go with the 8’s and not worry about it.  I’ll post this as an edit to my post re: swatching on the SKC and see what they have to say.  Then I can address the issue of sizing (small or medium) based on the negative ease that’s supposed to be added in and they, hopefully, cast on tonight and get started.

I still have so much other knitting to do.  There’s the X-mas knitting, and then there’s my mother.  I don’t think she’s speaking to me right now.  This is not an isolated incident, btw.  She gets like this when I disappoint her, which, unfortunately, if often.  This time it’s about pictures of Jacob, I think.  I’m notoriously bad about that.  I take a ton of pictures of Jacob, of course, but I end up with them on the computer rather than getting them printed.  We’ve tried to get my mother to learn email several times so that I could just email the pictures to her; I’d send them every other day if I could do it that way…LOL.  As it is, I never remember to bring the camera, memory card with me so that I can get some pictures developed to send to her.  I’m not making excuses, really.  I realize that it’s just more laziness on my part and I just need to get it done.  For example:  I have a Mother’s Day gift for her that Jacob made and it’s done and ready to go, other than the picture, but I haven’t taken the time to take care of it and get it sent to her.  In the meantime, she gets more and more angry with me.  I hate this cycle, and it looks like I’m going to have to be the one to break it.  I just called her and had Jake leave a message on her answering machine; just b/c she’s not talking to me, doesn’t mean I want to deprive her of her grandchild.  I’m worried about her constantly lately.  She’s had some health issues and I’m not sure she’s telling me the truth re:  what the doctor has said.

Okay, I’m off to watch a little more Little Mermaid with my little one and then see if he wants to get in the pool for a little while.  More later…


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