Fifi progress report…

So I didn’t get the 25 rows of Fifi, or any for that matter, done last night. I did the last few rows of the swatch, and even a few more for good measure – I’m a good little knitter, you see. That doesn’t mean that I’m not lazy, though. I did the swatch flat instead of circular; I figured that since it was ribbed, it would be okay to knit it flat. The stitch guage was just a little off 24st/4″ but my row gauge was WAY off: 38 rows/4″. The gauge is supposed to be 20st/28 rounds per 4″. So I started swatching it in the round. The first attempt was 50 sts. but it didn’t go around the needle comfortably, so after about 2 rows, I ended up ripping it and casting on 90 stitches ( I also asked myself at this point why I didn’t just C.O. since I was swatching with so many stitches. I’m through about 2 rows of that, but before I go further, I’m doing some research on the net to find out if I CAN, indeed, knit the swatch in rows. Maybe I just need to change my needle size to correct the row problem. I’ll post the question on Sexy Knitters Club since the KAL is with them, that’s what a KAL is for, right?

Not a lot going on today. I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. Rather than having any long periods of sleep, I dozed on and off all night. I finally got out of bed to let the dog out etc. at 8:00 am and had breakfast. Then I decided to get an early start on reading blogs etc. (remember this is my weekend of leisure…LOL), clean the living room and kitchen, jump in the pool (it was HOT this morning) for a little while, shower and then decide what to do with the afternoon- sounds like the ultimately relaxing day off, huh? Isn’t it amazing, btw, that as a “real adult” even days of leisure include housework etc.?!? Needless to say, my day did not go as planned at all. While I was reading knitting blogs this morning, I fell asleep. I spent the next three or four hours dozing and waking. Tj called, waking me up and I was up again for a little while, but then I fell back asleep. This all went on until almost 6 this evening. When I said I wanted a “do nothing” weekend, this wasn’t what I had in mind. So I got up, cleaned the cat box, straightened a few other things up, then I ran up to the store for some ice cream bars (I’ve been craving them for awhile and decided to treat myself), and now I’m looking for that information re: swatching. All in all, a pretty uneventful and somewhat useless day. Alas. Well, my “vacation” is over tomorrow, the boys will return to me and I’ll be “mommy wife” again. I can’t wait for them to get home! More later…


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