Happy 4th Of July and Harry Potter

For those of us in America, happy 4th of July!!! To everyone in other countries, happy summer, or winter depending on where you are, day. I hope everyone celebrating Independence Day, hope you are enjoying your BBQ’s, family and friends and a lot of sunshine. I’m at home alone (the boys are still up north) having my own little celebration. Not typical by any means, I’m still in jammies curled up watching TV, playing on the internet and doing nothing of any real consequence at all. A day off from any and all responsibility. That’s not totally true, either, though. I did water the garden, turn on the pool filter to circulate the new chlorine, little things that have to be done every day. Of course I miss my boys, but this is nice, too. It would be much nicer if my tooth didn’t hurt; I need a root canal, but I’m terrified about finding a new dentist. I’m terrified of dentists as a whole, but once I get to know one, it’s fine. I really liked my dentist in Lake City, but I’m not about to drive 2 1/2 hours to see a dentist.

I’m catching up on some reading which I mentioned last post. Hell Hath No Curry is a great light read. It’s like all of her Magdelena Yoder stories, full of dry wit, a fun storyline and all the Penn Dutch and Mennonite and Amish culture you could want. If you’re a fan of “cozy” mysteries, you’ll love this book. I’m also reading “The End of Harry Potter?” by David Langford. It’s a great little catch up book that brings up some interesting points about mysteries that have yet to be revealed in the final Harry Potter book. I read “…The Half Blood Prince” in the first days after it came out, I can’t remember much about it or “…Order of the Phoenix”, so I thought this would be a good refresher. It’s reminding me of a lot of things I had forgotten from the other books. It’s an interesting read and I think that I’ll be paying a lot more attention after being reminded of certain mysteries to be explored. If you are a Harry Potter fan and looking for a little Potter fix before the book comes out in a few weeks as well as a quick refresher course, I highly recommend this book. It’s funny, while I was looking up the URLs for the books I discovered that there are dozens of books dedicated to theories about what will happen in book 7; there’s even a book completely devoted to the question of whether or not Snape actually killed Dumbledor for good or evil purposes, or if he even actually killed him at all. I’m really looking forward to reading the new book, how bout you?


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