Fifi Day 2

Okay, so it’s day 2 of Fifi for me and, of course, I haven’t started knitting yet. So much for getting TONS of knitting done while TJ and Jake are away. I did find out today, though, that TJ and Jake aren’t coming home until Friday morning now. WTF? I thought we were planning to go to Farmington Hills and take him to the Detroit Zoo. Guess not.

Just talked to TJ and we’re taking to Binder Park Zoo which is much closer to home. There are a few things about Binder that I think Jake will like; he’ll be able to pet and feed a giraffe which is one of his favorite animals ever since he’s become enthralled with the movies Madagascar and The Wild. There is also a great petting zoo there which I think he’ll get a real kick out of. Binder Park is a breeding zoo, so there are a lot of animals that you wouldn’t see in a “regular” zoo. The hard part will be getting him to leave. We took him to the zoo for the first time when we were in Kansas back in May and everything was great until it was time to leave. You would have thought we were beating the poor kid the way he screamed and kicked and carried on. Hopefully this time will be better. I’m going to try letting him know ahead of time how much longer we’ll be staying and giving him plenty of time to accept the fact that we’re going home and also lots of positive enforcement that we will be coming back, that we’re not going away forever. He still has a lot of trouble leaving places without ample warning. We’re working on that.

We have some behavioral issues with Jake, probably b/c of the time that he was shuffled back and forth with the nanny, his uncle, grandpa etc. while I was having too much trouble with my back to be a real mother. I still have my own issues with it, I guess. So I’m reading the book the No Cry Discipline Solution to try to get a handle on how to deal with the issues. Any suggestions re: discipline and children will be appreciated.

Back to Fifi. I’m still going to make my 25 rows from yesterday today. The extras I’m not sure about, but I’m going to try. My outside goal is 35 rows. Someone yell at me if I don’t make it…LOL

Little side note: I took the advice of my friends at The Sexy Knitters Club and bought (well, bid on) some Noro Hana Silk for the Red Carpet Convertible Project.  It only came in lots of 10 skeins (I have bids in for two different shades of pink) so I have the option of going longer than the corset top if I want to.  I don’t think I will, I really like the corset top, but I can if I want to.  🙂


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