Day one a big fat bust…

I should have know it.  I didn’t knit a single stitch today.  I started out in the backyard and tended to the pool, the garden and picking up the fireworks from last night.  Then I got caught up transferring my blog over here to wordpress, importing my blogger posts and looking around while watching a marathon of Haunted Evidence (this is the cheesiest, fakest bunch of psychics who are spitting back things that the media has covered – do they really expect anyone to believe that none of these three people have heard anything at all about the Natalee Holloway case?  She was taken, raped and killed by a dark haired youth who knew the island and it was helped cover up by an older influential man who was related to the boy…GMAFB!!!).  So for tomorrow, I’m definitely doing the 25 rows and striving for another 10-15 on top of it.  I might work on the felted boxes for a few before going to bed, but I have the new Tamar Myers book Hell Hath No Curry  and I really want to start it (read stay up all night reading)  Did I mention TJ and Jake are gone until Thursday night, so I have tons of time to myself?!?  LOL

Until tomorrow, I wish you a goodnight/morning.  Night Y’all.


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