Fifi Day 1 and sleep study…

I made it through the sleep study alive and well. What a strange experience it was. I felt like a science project with all the different wires and plugs attached to me. I had to ask Ralph (my attendant) to come into the room to help get me un-wired if I wanted to go to the bathroom, talk about feeling like a child. The hotel room was very luxurious and very comfortable: Sleep Number bed (just like home), down comforter (also like home), I got to have the room as cold as I like it to be (TJ doesn’t like me to keep the AC cranked at night). It was very nice, I’m glad that I chose the hotel rather than the sleep study center. At first I was a little freaked out about having a man as my attendant, but Ralph was great and very sweet. He made me feel very comfortable.
I really hoped to get a good night’s sleep and feel rested this morning, maybe even find out that my sleep problems weren’t organic nature, but more about the environment i.e. Jacob still sleeping with me, nightlight, animals etc. Unfortunately, that doesn’t’ seem to be the case: I still woke up multiple times through the night, three that I can remember and at least twice more that Ralph came in to adjust my equipment (apparently I was awake, but I don’t remember) ; I still awoke feeling foggy and like I hadn’t slept at all as well. Apparently, I actually slept for almost 8 hours. He said that he wasn’t really allowed to tell me anything about the study but that I was one of the most “unusual” sleepers he’s tested. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Kind of panicky about that. He also told me that they’ll send my test results to Dr. M in 10-12 days; there are apparently over a thousand pages of test information (I told you they were testing A LOT of different things…LOL) So now it’s wait and see. If Dr. M deems it necessary, I’ll be going back in a few weeks to have a night were I use the CPAP to see if my sleep improves at all. Wish me luck everybody.
Onto Fifi! I finished the gauge swatch last night, but I didn’t have the measuring tape with me to measure it. It looks about right, but I’ll check it when I pick up my knitting in a little bit. My goal for tonight (which I’m putting here to make myself accountable for actually getting work done) is the first 25 rows. Both Jacob and TJ are up north for the next few days, so other than getting this house clean, I have no excuses. I do want to work on the felted boxes as well, as I’m going to be down in Farmington Hills at the end of the month and I really want to get together with Elanah and give her the gift.
Time to get some work done…and take a second shower b/c I found there is still some “goop” from the test last night stuck in it…and then start some knitting.
Night y’all.



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