Fifi and Felted Boxes

I’m actually managing to devote myself to only two projects right now. Amazing, huh?!? I’m working on my felted boxes for Elanah’s baby and I’m also working on the Sexy Knitters Club KAL, Fifi. I started my gauge swatch for Fifi last night; I LOVE working with Calmer, btw. I’m almost done with the first box of the felted boxes. There really is only so much time I have every night to work with the little one who refuses to go to sleep before midnight, but gets up at 9 am. I have to sleep when I can here. I have found that while he’s watching his bedtime movie, Jacob doesn’t mind if I’m not paying attention to him so i get some time then.
Tonight I have to go to a hotel all by myself for a sleep study, so it looks like I’ll actually have some quiet time to get a whole lot of knitting done. YAY! I’m a little nervous about the study, but I guess that’s to be expected. Jacob will, of course, have a fit about me leaving him for the night. He loves his daddy, but he’s a mommy’s boy without a doubt.
I am also playing around with a concept: the Magic Cast On and Cat Bohrdi’s moebius knitting. That’s not a pattern, per se, though. Not yet any way.


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