It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like X-mas…

At least it is around here. I ordered the yarn for several X-mas gifts that I am knitting this year. The two shawls that are being knit are pretty big for me to tackle, so I want to get started right away. One of the shawls is the Luna Moth Shawl in Calista yarn and the other is the Camila Flower Petal Shawl made with Camila; I’m such a follower, using the yarn called for. It’s my first time knitting lace, I figure I should make it as simple as possible the first time.

I’ve also ordered some mohair for the Acorn and Leaf Scarf pattern. I got a few other things, but I can’t think of them right this second. LOL I’m really enjoying getting ready for X-Mas this early. it will be a lot of worrying about what to get for certain people off of our minds. I had thought of giving the “older” generation knitted gifts and buying things for the “younger” generation, but I think that some of the things I made would be just as appreciated by a “Younger” person, like Kate for example. She seems to like my work and I like knitting for her.

I have to finish John’s stripped hat that matches Jake’s as well.

Gotta run before Jake destroys the entertainment center…LOL

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