Ever Changing projects…

Not that long ago, I talked about how I was paring down to a few projects that I was going to keep at until I finished (The MD Scarf, squares for projects etc.) Then I added the Vickie Howell fingerless mitts because I HAD to use the Noro Kureyon that I got. I’ve been hit by my knitting ADD again and all of those are on hold. LOL
New projects include: Booga Bag using the Kureyon in 153 which is apparently called Purple-Teal, I frogged the fingerless mitts b/c I wanted to make sure I had enough of that color. I love this bag; I’ve never picked up stitches in the round before, I was a little nervous about it but it turned out to be easy. I’m also working on a lace (my first time) scarf with a leaf pattern who’s name I can’t remember now, something about I can’t believe I knitted it or…I don’t know and I’m too lazy to get up and check the pattern. I’ll post the name next time, if I remember…I’ll do it eventually, I promise.
I signed up for some classes at my LYS. I’m looking forward to it. I’m taking some sock knitting classes, on two circs, toe up and toe down. I’m also taking some short 1 lesson mini-classes: Cables, different toes for toe up and different heels for toe up. Finally I have a dyeing class and a moebius capelet class (which I’m really excited about). I can’t wait for the first class. Have to check my calender, but I think it’s mid-July. I’m also signed up for three classes (all sock knitting) at the other LYS. This is apparently the summer of socks.
Great segway for talking about my plans to knit for X-mas this year. This will be my first year knitting gifts for 2 reasons:

  1. This is the first year I feel like I have the skills to make something that is worthy of giving as a gift rather than buying something.
  2. Even though I tried to plan some things, my laziness prevented me from getting things done and some of those things are still on stitch holders…oops. Maybe it’s time to just frog them?!?!

I’m knitting a lace shawl for my MIL, haven’t decided on the pattern yet, but something challenging and pretty. I’m also making her the Trellis and Vine scarf/shawl for her as well as a pair of socks (everyone on my gift list is getting socks this year – they should all get to experience the wonder of hand knit socks – yummy!!!). I’m going to make scarves (either lacy or with cables or maybe both) for “the aunts” and a shawl and scarf or maybe hat for Fran. I think that covers the people I’m knitting for, oh, my mother as well – I got a kit for a cardigan from Philosopher’s Wool to make for her and I’m hoping to have it done before X-mas. It’s the biggest project I’ll have taken on to date and I’m excited and nervous about how it will come out all at the same time.
Finally, I’m also a part of a KAL – another first for me, but I’m excited about this as well. The group is The Sexy Knitters Club
and this time around the pattern is Fifi, an adorable cabled t-shirt made with Calmer, which I love. Can’t wait to start swatching for this project!! I just need the pattern to be available.

Wish me luck

Later y’all!!!


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