Fingerless Mitt ala Yarn Harlot

I finally found a good use for my Noro Kureyon. I’ve got 12 skeins of it, 4 skeins each of three colors, and I’ve been hoarding it b/c I don’t know what I want to make, it’s not enough for a huge project, like a sweater or anything substantial, it’s too thick for socks etc. I’m thinking about a shawl that’s small enough to only use 4 skeins or less. I want to play with lace but am afraid of all the concentration. How do you concentrate with a two year old running around all day? LOL

Anyway, I busted out one of my skeins (it’s purple, teal, pink/brown) not sure what the color is, I’ll look it up at some point, and made the first of a pair of Yarn Harlot’s fingerless mitts. Great pattern, easy to follow, the only problem I had was with picking up the stitches for the thumb and knitting around, but it didn’t come out too bad. It was a little snug at the cast on edge, but not bad. Unfortunately, I bound off WAY too tightly and while everything else fit beautifully, if a little snugly, the bind off edge was too tight. I got it on, but I couldn’t move my fingers. I thought about just keeping it since it was the first one I made and the Noro made it absolutely gorgeous, but I ripped it out and I’m going up a needle size (the pattern called for size 8 DPNs but I usually knit tightly so I used 7s) and using the 8’s that the pattern calls for. It will be a little looser and it will make up for the way I bind off.

I’m also thinking of joining a toe-up sock KAL, but I think I want to wait until after I take my sock making class (July is SO far away) to work on socks. I know it’s silly, but I feel like I want to go into the class completely fresh,with no pre-conceived notions about how to knit socks to color my learning. That’s me, anal to the bone about things like that. I’m also thinking about knitting some dishcloths for the charity thing that I Rabbitch is doing. Great cause. Through that I found a washcloth KAL and exchange that sounds fun, but I know that I’ll end up getting in over my head and having not enough time for any of the things that I commit to and not finishing any of them. So I’m just going to keep knitting along. I still have my MD Scarf unfinished, and I do want to finish that and move on to the zigzag scarf that was the beginning of my MD knitting to begin with. I have a bit of knitting ADD, I find so many things I want to knit but never finish then b/c I end up finding something else that looks good or I get some new yarn that looks good and I loose track of what I was doing. Right now I have more things on the needles than I care to mention. The one thing I’m bummed about is that I didn’t make the deadline for the Hokie Hope donations. If anyone knows of anyone else that’s doing something with blankets for the families of Virginia Tech, let me know, otherwise, I’ll look for more info. about donations for blankets for the victims of the disaster in Kansas.

Enough for now, going to finish watching Shrek 2 with Jacob and then I’m off to bed…after Jake goes down that is…yes, I have a 2 year old who is still up at 11 pm watching a movie. He does sleep in a bit in the mornings though…:)

Night, y’all.

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One thought on “Fingerless Mitt ala Yarn Harlot

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi its Lucy (lucy in stitches) I have just tried replying to your email, but it has been returned?? not quite sure why, trying to work it out. Was just wanting confirmation of how many of each of the yarns you want so I can work out wieght for postage. Thanks for finding me, going to have a look at your blog now!!

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