Hello, my lovelies.  I’m using this vibrant purple color in honor of Violet of Lime and Violet fame. The Lime color was too hard to read and I couldn’t find a way to alternate the colors without it being annoying as hell…LOL.  It’s b/c of them and their talking up the “Jaywalker” sock that I looked this pattern up on magknits (which is a great site for patterns btw) and have decided to try it.  It looks like a great pattern for a great variegated sock yarn that has lots of bright colors and I have just that in my stash.  It’s a twinkletoes superwash from Over The Rainbow Yarns.  I love, love, love Maryann’s yarn, she had an amazing selection of different handpainted yarns and they are beautiful both in material and in colorways.  LOVE HER!!!  

Gonna run now and start swatching (first winding the yarn) the socks.  Wish me luck, I haven’t ever finished a pair of socks…all of mine have ended up being little orphans.  So I’m ready to do a whole pair now.  đź™‚

Night y’all.



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