More on the MD Scarf

It’s coming along beautifully.  I’ve made it through the first set of triangle repeats without a major screw up.  GO ME!!  I really thought that I wouldn’t be able to get this whole modular knitting thing, especially after my dismal failure with the felted carpet bag with is modular (but done by connecting by picking up stitches as opposed to Iris’s way. I really prefer not having to cut and then pick up and am trying to figure out a way to incorporate that into the carpet bag.  I can obviously do it for the first row of triangles since that is basically what I’m doing with the MD Scarf, but what about when I have to move up to another row?  I’m not sure how to do that, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to figure it out.  I figure I’ll save a lot of yarn by not cutting and reattaching every triangle as I go.  Of course there are multiple color changes (each triangle is the same base color with stripes of a different color) but at least the main color, brown, will just move along with me. 

I”m finding myself getting into that wandering spirit feeling with my scarf, though.  It always happens to me, maybe to other knitters as well.  As soon as I get a good pace going on a project, as soon as I can work it without constantly referring to the pattern or even needing the stitch markers anymore to show me where to decrease etc. I start itching to start something new.  I’ve seen so many cute sock patterns online and I’m going to be going through St. Louis next week (if I can, I’m going to set up a visit to The Loopy Ewe) This is one of the most exciting things I can think of happening; it’s like getting to go to the world’s best sock yarn store and meeting a total knitting celebrity all at the same time. Could you just die?  I’m going to call or email to set it up as soon as TJ tells me what day we’ll be going through St. Louis. Did I mention that I haven’t gotten my Mother’s Day present yet?  Yummy sock yarn anyone?  LOL  There’s also a store outside of St. Louis that carries the Vickie Howell Collection which is surprisingly hard to find; I searched EBay to get some quickly recently, but to no avail.  Nobody on EBay has it…I didn’t even think that was possible.  St. Louis and the surrounding area is quickly becoming like a yarn wet dream Mecca for me.  I really wanted to go to Austin when we were in Texas last weekend (I figure the place has to be rotten with Vickie’s yarn) but it was 5 hours from where we were, so nope.  Maybe next time…there are supposed to be wicked cool fiber stores in Austin, anything a crafty kind of chick could want, actually, so it’s one of my dream destinations.  I’m also looking really hard for some sort of yarn/knitting/fibre convention/guild/whatever that’s within about 100 miles of Kalamazoo, MI for me to get my feet wet with.  I don’t want to be too overwhelmed, but I definitely want to be whelmed (is that a word?)  So if anyone knows of anything like that in the upper, eastern part of the Midwest, let me know.  I have no reward to offer but my eternal gratitude and a mention here on my blog that, let’s face it, no one reads.  Oh well.

Back to my scarf.  When I started it, I had to keep looking at the directions, turning off the knitting podcast I was listening to (Lime and Violet anyone?) They are my new podcast obsession, but that’s a whole other entry, I think.  I’ll just say they make me laugh, they make me spit random beverages, drop stitches and generally want to buy more sock yarn and knit more socks than I do.  Nuff’ said.  Poop.  I just checked their new shop and there is NOTHING left.  No sock yarn for me to buy. Poor Lake City Mommy, no sock yarn for you.  But there’s always The Loopy Ewe…fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed, body parts I shouldn’t be able to cross, crossed. LOL  Oy, I’ve digressed again.  The scarf, Shannon, the MD Scarf.  so I had to concentrate with all of my little might when I started this thing and even then I kept swearing it wasn’t right.  I would look at it and it just didn’t look like what I was doing was going to turn into a triangle.  Of course, it did and now I’m using it as a watching TV project b/c it’s really kind of self explanatory once you get the hang of it.  It’s inspired me to get the silk back out and try the Zig Zag scarf from Modular Knits again.  Maybe I’ll have a better understanding this time.  It’s all working up to the Mirrored Angles Scarf in the same book.  WAY too hard to even look at the pattern right now without my head exploding, but I have dreams, BIG dreams. 

There are some other things I’d like to work on.  When I get to the yarn store (whichever one I get to) I’m gonna eye me up some pure cashmere or a nice blend for some wristlets or gauntlets (are they the same thing?) for myself.  I also have fallen into this bizarre and sick obsession with Noro Kureyon (did I spell that right?) and I’ve never knit with it.  I have two skeins of the Big with me on vacation here and I have 12 skeins (4 each in three colorways) coming from EBay.  They should be there when I get back in a week and a few days.  Can’t wait!!  I don’t know what I’m going to make, but I’ve heard that it felts like artwork so I’m thinking about some felted bowls and stacking boxes.  What do you think?  I’m currently bidding on some more…I want to try the Silk Garden, but am terrified that I will be even more obsessed with that than I am with the Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk or the Rowan Calmer.  No Silk Garden for me.  Well, maybe a little…LOL

Okay, time to go.  Night, y’all.




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